OBJECTIVE OF VILLAINOUS: The objective of Villainous is to be the first player to fulfill their win condition of their villain of choice.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 Players 

MATERIALS: 6 Player Boards, 6 Villain Figurines, 6 Villain Guides, 6 Reference Cards, 84 Tokens, 90 Fate Cards, 180 Villain Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


In Villainous, each player will choose a Disney villain to play throughout the course of the game. Players will move their figurines around the board in order to complete actions that they think will get them closer to their goal of winning. The fate deck may work against you, but with your skill, you can make anything happen! 


To begin setup, each player will choose a Villain to play throughout the course of the game. Once they have chosen, they will collect a Reference Card, a corresponding Villain Guide, a corresponding Fate deck, a corresponding Villain deck, the corresponding Villain Mover, and their assigned board. Their boards will be placed directly in front of them, and their Villain Mover is placed on the location found on the far left of their board.  

If the location found on the right side of the board has a lock symbol on it, then the player should ensure that there is a lock token placed on that location space. Each player should then shuffle their assigned Villain deck, placing it face down on the left side of their board, ensuring that they leave room for a discard pile. Four cards are then drawn to create the starting hand. These hands should be kept secret from the competitors.  

The Fate deck is shuffled and placed on the right side of the board, face down. Power Tokens are placed inside the Cauldron, and it should be placed in the center of the playing area, within reach of all of the players. The first player is randomly chosen. The first player receives no power, but the second player will receive one from the Cauldron, and the third and fourth will collect two. If there is a fifth and sixth player, then they will collect three Powers. The game is then ready to begin! 


The game is played over the course of numerous turns, rotating clockwise around the group, beginning with the first player. The turn has three parts, all of which must be completed in chronological order. During their turn, the players will move their villain, perform actions, and then draw cards.  

When a player moves their villain, they are able to move it to a location of their choice on their board. Players are not permitted to stay in the same spot, so they must move their game piece when it becomes their turn. Every location has symbols that represent the actions that must be taken when a player lands on that space. Actions are optional, so the players are not required to complete them if they do not think it will get them closer to their Villain’s objective.  

Some actions may be covered by Fate cards throughout the game. If the actions are covered, then the action is not able to be completed until the card is discarded or removed. Once the players have completed the actions that they chose, they will refresh their hand to ensure that they have four cards in their hand.  


The game comes to an end whenever a player fulfills their Villain’s objective that was assigned to them at the beginning of the game. The first player that completes this objective, becomes the winner.  

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