OBJECTIVE OF VOLLEYBALL:  Score the most points in a 25-point game by winning rallies.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 12 players, 6 on each team

MATERIALS: 1 volleyball, 1 net




Volleyball is a thrilling sport that is super fun to play and watch. The sport is filled with jumps, spikes, dives, and other exciting plays! Although volleyball is a popular sport that is played recreationally, it is an official sport with an official set of rules to follow.



Volleyball is played on a 59-foot by 29-foot court. The court is split in half with a net going through the middle. The net is 7 feet and 4.5 inches in women’s volleyball and 7 feet 11 inches in men’s volleyball. The boundary line surrounds the entire court, marking the out-of-bounds area. The attack line separates the area near the net from the back court, and the service line marks where the serve needs to be made.


A volleyball team is comprised of 6 players. The players stand in 2 lines of 3 on their side of the court. When serving, the server must stand behind the back line.


The goal of a volleyball game is to win serves or score by preventing the other team from returning the ball over the net. A volleyball game starts with a coin toss. The team that wins the coin toss gets to serve first.


Each player will serve during the volleyball game. The player in the back right corner of the court is the first to serve and every time the team starts another serve, the players rotate so that a new person is in that position.

The server must serve within 8 seconds after the referee has blown their whistle to start the play. The same player will continue to serve the ball until the other team scores a point. When the other team scores a point, they get to serve.

To serve, you should throw the ball up in the air and smack it with the lower palm of your dominant hand. Servers can also jump and serve for more power, serve underhand, or add spin to the serve. The serve must clear the net and stay within the bounds of the opponent’s side.


After the ball is served, the teams must hit the ball with their hands (or any part of their body above the waist) back and forth across the net until one team faults or fails to return the ball. Each side is allowed to hit the ball 3 times before the ball is hit over the net, but each player is only allowed to hit the ball once.

Players can use one or two hands or even their heads to hit the ball after the serve. The goal is to hit the ball over the net and prevent the other team from returning the ball. This can be done by spiking the ball quickly on the other side, jumping up and blocking a ball the other team is attempting to get over the net, or hitting the ball so that it lands in a spot where a player isn’t prepared to hit the ball back.


A volleyball game goes to 25 points, and the teams play the best of 5 games. The first team to win 3, wins the match. In Olympic-style volleyball, a point is awarded to one of the teams after every serve. Here are the different ways to score a point in volleyball:

  • The ball hits the floor within bounds of the other team’s side.
  • The other team hits the ball out of bounds.
  • The other team hits the ball into the net and the ball does not go over the net.
  • A player hits the ball twice in a row.
  • The team hits the ball more than 3 times without hitting the ball over the net.
  • The ball goes under the net.
  • The server stands over the serving line.
  • A player crosses the penalty line.
  • A player touches the net while rallying.
  • A player makes prolonged contact with the ball (carrying).


Each game ends when one team reaches 25 points. The winning team must win by 2, so if the score is tied at 24, a team must score 2 more points to win the game. A match is comprised of 5 games and the first team to win 3 games wins the match. If the match is tied 2-2, the final game is only played to 15 points, but the winner must still win by 2 points.

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