OBJECT OF WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON: The object of Welcome to the Dungeon is to either successfully complete two dungeons first or be the last player standing. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players

MATERIALS: A rulebook, success card (8), equipment cards (24), adventure tiles (4), player aids (4), and monster cards (13).

TYPE OF GAME: Bidding Card Game



Welcome to the Dungeon is a bidding card game for 2 to 4 players. The goal of the game is to win either by completing two successful dungeon runs or being the last player not eliminated.  


Players will unanimously choose or randomly draw the first adventurer. This adventurer is shared by all players for this round. get all the needed equipment for this adventurer, and place it below the adventurer card.

The monster deck should be shuffled and placed in the center of the play area. Each player then takes an aid card, laying it in front of them white-side up.

5 success cards are taken from the deck and placed nearby the remaining 3 are put back into the box.

The first player is chosen randomly.


The game is played in two parts. There is a bidding half and a dungeon half. All players participate and bid to see who will get to participate in the second half of the game. the dungeon half is only played by one player who will either win and become closer to winning the game or lose becoming closer to being eliminated.


Clockwise after the first player, each person will do one of the two actions. You may either draw from the monster deck or pass your turn. once you pass your turn you will be out of the game for this round.

If you choose to draw from the deck you will pull a monster card and secretly look at it. you may choose to either place it in the facedown dungeon pile or take a piece of equipment from the adventurer and place both the monster and the gear in front of you. They are both removed from the round. Players can only do this if there is still equipment remaining for them to take from the adventurer.

This continues until all but one player passes or the monster deck is depleted. Once there are no monsters are in the deck, players must pass. the last player remaining who did not pass must now play through the dungeon phase.


The dungeon phase has the remaining player use both the adventure and gear and dungeon deck created during the bidding phase. The player will flip the top card of the dungeon deck and either take damage to their adventure equal to the monster’s strength or use and discard a valid piece of equipment in order to avoid damage. Once the monster’s damage has either been taken or avoided the monster is discarded and the next card is flipped.

A player will either survive with 1 or more health remaining after the final monster is discarded or the player will die from taking more than their health total, resulting in them being at 0 or lower. If the player succeeded they take a success card, but if they fail they will flip over their aid card to the red side.

A player who gathers two success cards wins. A player who loses two dungeons is eliminated from the game.


If a player does not win in the previous round a new one is started. The monster deck is collected and reshuffled and the player who just finished the dungeon (win or lose) chooses the next adventurer to use. The remaining setup is done just as in the first round. The first player is the player who just previously went into the dungeon. If they were eliminated then the player to their left is the first player.


The game ends either when a player wins two dungeons or there is only one remaining player. They are the winner.

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