OBJECTIVE OF WHOT: The objective of What is for one of the players to play the same shape or the same figure consecutively and no card is remaining with the player at the point of playing the same shape or figure consecutively. The main aim is to run out of cards.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 and above.

MATERIALS:  Whot card park with 54 cards.

TYPE OF GAME: Strategic Card Game

AUDIENCE: Age 8 and above.


Whot is a widely known card game around the world but the play of the game varies from place to place.

In Nigeria, the game is common and played majorly among the youths. It is recognized as the National Card Game which was introduced by the British.


The whot pack contains 54 cards with 5 different shapes, symbols, and numbers.

The shapes are circles, crosses, triangles, squares, and stars.


The players start by shuffling the cards and sharing them randomly among the players.

The cards should be shared among the players depending on the number of players available.

I.e 2 cards and above.


In Nigeria, some cards have special rules when being played. 

1 Card: When this card is played by any player, all the player has to hold on, then the player plays again.

Note: This is if the number of players is four, but if the players are up to eight and the 1Card is played, just the next player holds on, then the game continues.

2 Card: If this card is played during a game, then the next player picks two more cards unless they have the 2 Card, then it shifts to the next player.

5 Card: This card makes the next player automatically pick three more cards unless they also have the 5 Card, so the picking of cards goes to the next player, and the game continues on the way.

14 Card( General Market):When this card is played during the game, all the players pick one card each except the player that plays the 14 cards.


After sharing the cards between all the players randomly, the game is opened by placing one of the remaining cards on the surface, then the players start playing one after the other.

While playing, the shapes of the cards have to match or the symbols with the card the next player will drop, if the player does not have the same shape or symbol, they pick one more card and the game continues.

Also if any of the special cards are drawn, then the rules of each card will be applied.


A winner is decided when a player has no more cards, then the rest of them continues with the game till they all exhaust their cards.

When a player has one or two more cards left, they have to announce to other players to notify them.

Failure to do so will make them pick two more cards thereby the game has to continue to decide another winner.

Nakoa Davis