OBJECT OF WILD ESCAPE: The objective of Wild Escape is to be the first team in which every member escapes.


MATERIALS:  3 Standard 52 Card Decks

TYPE OF GAME: Shedding Card Game



Wild escape is a partnership game that originated in China. Six players, two teams, everyone tried to escape. Each player must attempt to rid their hand of all of their cards before the other team. Each member must get rid of all their cards in order for their team to win. Speed is of the essence!


To begin setup, remove two jokers from each deck, one of each color. This allows for differentiation between the Jokers, one being the Big Joker and one being the Small Joker.

Each player will then draw a card from the shuffled deck. The three players who draw the highest scoring cards are teamed together, and the other three players are teamed together. Players are to sit in a way so that they have an opponent on both sides of them.

The player who drew the highest scoring card becomes the Offense Leader for the first round. The player on their right will reshuffle the cards. The dealer will then deal twenty-seven cards to each player. The game is ready to begin.


The Offense Leader will begin the game. The goal of their team is to grow levels. The goal of the Defensive team is to stop the Offensive Team from increasing levels. The Offensive Team is the only team wo can raise levels during a round.

Both teams begin the fame with a Level or Ranking of two. Gameplay will continue clockwise around the table. Players may make any legal play during their turn. The Jokers are considered to be wild cards and may be used in any combination to represent a lower card.

After the first play, each player must try to play a higher-ranking combination. Five card combinations may be beat by any five-card combination of another type or a higher-ranking combination of the same type.

 If someone is not able to play a higher-ranking combination, then they must pass. When a play has been followed by five passes, the last player to play may start a new set of plays with any combination of their choosing. Players must answer truthfully if they are asked how many cards they have remaining in their hand.

Once a player has played all of the cards available in their hand, they escape the game. When all players of a team have escaped the game, the game comes to an end.

Legal Plays in Ascending Ranking

Single Card- any single card

Two Card Combo- two cards of the same rank

Three Card Combo- three cards of the same rank

Straight- five cards in consecutive order

Flush- five cards of the same suit

Full House- three cards of the same ranking and two cards of the same ranking

Four of a Kind and Single- four cards of the same ranking and one different

Five of a Kind- All five cards of the same ranking


The game comes to an end when every player of a team has escaped the game. If everyone in the team escapes, and one of their players was the first to escape, then they win the game. If everyone in the team escapes, but one of the other players was the first to escape, then the game is a draw.

Nakoa Davis