OBJECTIVE OF WILDLANDS: The objective of Wildlands is to be the first player to accumulate five points.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Gameboard, Damage Tokens, 42 Map Cards, 1 Active Player Marker, 20 Miniature Bases, 20 Crystal Shards, 20 Character Miniatures, 20 Character Cards, 30 Action Cards, 4 Faction Cards, and 1 Rulebook 

TYPE OF GAME: Area Movement Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up 


In the place of a great kingdom, the wildlands have taken over. This land contains no laws, and you must band together in order to survive, build wealth, and maybe earn some glory. Each player controls a unique river faction, and they are at war. Which player will conquer the land and win the game? 


The players will choose a color and a faction to represent them throughout the game, collecting the cards, figurines, bases, and crystals that match. The players will then choose the map that they would like to play on. It is recommended to play on the dungeon for the first few games.  

Each player should place their character cards and faction cards in front of them face up, and each of the miniatures on the corresponding character cards. Their action cards are then shuffled and placed in front of them face down, creating their own action deck.  

The map cards are shuffled and ten are dealt to each player. Players will then choose one card for each of their characters, stacking it on the character card face down. This card represents the space in which the character will appear for the first time, and they should be kept secret from any other player.  

The rest of the map cards that the players have are passed to the player on their right. The crystal shards that each player collected are placed on these five map spaces. Once they are placed, each player will draw seven action cards from their deck, forming their hand. The player with the lowest number shard will be the first player. The game is ready to begin. 


During a turn, a player will reveal a character, complete as many actions as they choose, and draw three cards. At this point, their turn comes to an end, and the player on their left will begin their turn. Players earn points by claiming crystals and knocking out enemies, both of which count for a point. After five points have been accumulated by a player, the game comes to an end.  

If during the start of their turn, the players still have a character on their character card, then the player must reveal one. In order to do this, flip the map card that is assigned to the character and place the figurine on the board space that matches. Players can reveal as many characters as they wish.  

Players can play as many action cards as they want, as long as they play one at a time. Players must choose which option they will use. Players may also play interrupt cards in order to block actions from being completed. Players can shuffle their discard pile if they run out of cards.  

In order to claim shards, it must match the player’s color, their character must be on the same space as the token, and then play three cards that display the character’s icon. When a player is done revealing characters and playing cards, they can declare that their turn is coming to an end. After drawing enough cards to make their hand equal to seven cards, the turn comes to an end.  


The game immediately comes to an end when a player has accumulated five points, and they are declared the winner. The game may also end if a player loses their characters, and at this point the player with the most points wins the game.  

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