OBJECTIVE OF WITCH’S BREW: The objective of Witch’s Brew is to accumulate more Victory Points than any other player. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 5 Players 

MATERIALS: 60 Role Cards, 31 Potion Cards, 8 Spell Books, 60 Ingredients, 45 Potion Vials, 45 Gold Nuggets, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Management Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 9 and Up 


Players act as druids, wizards, and witches as they attempt to brew the best potions in all of the land. Players will attempt to score valuable ingredients, like snake venom and wolf’s blood. Players work against one another to see who can score the most Victory Points and win the game! 


To begin setup, the players will choose a color to represent them throughout the course of the game. They will then collect twelve role cards of their chosen color, three beginning ingredients, and two gold nuggets. The role cards are kept in the players’ hands, but the rest of their holdings are placed in front of them throughout the course of the game.  

The rest of the ingredients, gold nuggets, and potion vials into different supply piles in the middle of the playing area. Divide the cauldrons into copper, silver, and iron, sorting them by value. The potion shelves should be sorted into two groups depending on their symbols. These should be sorted by value as well.  

The spell books should be shuffled and placed in the center of the table, near the other sets. The game is then ready to begin. 


The game is played throughout a series of sets. Within a set, the players will choose five role cards that they will use throughout the course of the set. When all of the roles have been played, a new set will begin.  

The first player will begin by choosing one of their cards to play, reading the role aloud to the group. The other players will then begin taking their turn. If the player does not have the same card as the first player, then they will pass, but if they do, then they will take that role from the starting player. The starting player will then lay the card face down in his stack, completing this round for them. 

The starting player may also choose to execute the favor described on the card instead of giving up the role. Numerous players may do this. When all players have taken their turns, the player who has the role card faceup in their area wins the right to that role. They will then complete the action as stated on the card, and place the card in their facedown stack.  The player who won will then begin the next round.  


The game comes to an end when the players have at least four potion cards that have ravens on them. The players will then tally their points from their potion cards. The player with the most Victory Points wins the game.  

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