OBJECTIVE OF WORD JUMBLE: To be the player that unscrambles the most words and wins the most cards. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

COMPONENTS:  2 decks of 50 cards each, 156 letter tiles (Orange, Blue, Purple, Green and Black),4 player identification cards, and a rule book 

TIMEFRAME: 45 minutes 

TYPE OF GAME: Tile Laying Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


Players race to be the first to correctly unscramble their assigned words and earn 20 cards/points. 


Shuffle and arrange the chosen deck of cards and place them in the centre of the play area face down. 

Place the four identification cards face down and have each player pick one to determine which of the options on the card they are assigned to unscramble. Return the unpicked cards back to the box. 

Each player gathers a set of alphabet/letter tiles corresponding to the colour of the identification card picked. Any unused letter tiles are left in the box. 

Display the black letter tiles( made up of two sets of the alphabet) in the middle of the play area right side up ensuring that none rests on top of the other and all are clearly seen within easy reach of all the players. This forms a letter tile pool. 

Get a stopwatch or phone and set a one minute time frame for each round. 


A player is randomly chosen to be the first to pick a card and read out the definition. 

Start the timer. 

Players then race to be the first to unscramble the words in relation to the definition provided and spell them with their set of letter tiles. 

Players are restricted to unscrambling the words assigned to their identification cards. 

If needed, extra letters can be picked from the tile pool to help form the words but must be returned to the pool after each round. See example below. Player D needed an extra E to correctly spell their word. Fastest fingers matter here as others may equally be in need of the same letters you are seeking. 

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The first player to correctly unscramble their words raises their hands off the table and shouts done. 

The other players stop to confirm that the word has been correctly identified and unscrambled. If the answer is correct, the player claims the card and wins a point. 

If the player was wrong in identifying their assigned word or identified the correct word but spelt it wrongly, he loses the next turn for disrupting the round.  

The cards won are stacked face down beside the players who have won them. The number of cards won represents the number of points earned. 

Where no player is able to correctly unscramble their assigned words before the time runs out, no one claims the card or earns the point and the card is put in a discard pile face down.  

The player to the left of the first player flips and reads the next card and play continues clockwise in subsequent rounds. 

Both speed and accuracy in spelling are determining factors in choosing who wins the card. 

The first player to unscramble 20 of their assigned words earns 20 points and wins the game.  


The game ends when a player wins 20 points and is declared the winner. 

Alternatively the players may decide to set a goal of less than 20 cards. The winner is the player with the most cards. 


Follow same set up rules but discard the timer 

The first player picks up a card and reads the definition. 

The players rush to correctly spell any of the words they recognize in the options. 

The first to correctly identify and spell their chosen word wins the card and thus a point. 

First to win 10 cards is declared the winner of the game. 

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