OBJECTIVE OF WORST-CASE SCENARIO: The objective of Worst-Case Scenario is to reach the Finish space before any other team.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Three to Six Players

MATERIALS: Die, Three Hundred Question Cards, Four Game Pieces, The Game Board, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ten Years of Age and Older


Worst-Case Scenario is based off of the book series Worst-Case Scenario. All of your terrible life experiences and days you woke up on the wrong side of the bed can finally benefit you! Decision making skills are put to the test as players attempt to guess the best approach when presented with everyday life scenarios.

There are numerous versions of the game that allow for this game to be played virtually anywhere!


Firstly, the game board should be placed in the middle of the playing area. Players should then split up into teams of two, choosing their own team for themselves. Teams will then choose a game piece and place it at the Start space found on the game board.

Place the instructions so that all of the teams are able to read the instructions of the question cards. Place the playing cards in the middle of the gaming area within reach of all players. The game is ready to begin!


The team with the youngest player will begin the game. During their turn, a player will roll the die, but they will not move their game piece just yet. The team found to the right will choose a Survival Question Card from the box and read the question aloud.

Each question card is accompanied by multiple choice answers. The first team must attempt to answer correctly in order to move their piece the rolled number. If they do answer correctly, they must move their piece the number of spaces equal to the number rolled on the die.

If the first team is unable to answer the question correctly, they are not allowed to move their game piece. Instead, the opposing team will be allowed to move their game piece the number of spaces equal to the number rolled on the die.

Gameplay will continue to the left.


The game comes to an end when a team reaches the Finish space found on the game board. Teams do not have to roll the exact amount to reach the Finish space. Other teams are then placed based off of how far they made it down the board.

Nakoa Davis