OBJECT OF YOU ARE A LIAR: The object of you are a liar is to be the player with the most Finger Cards at the end of the game. 


MATERIALS: 120 True Cards, 120 Liar Cards, 24 Finger Cars, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Are you a human lie detector? Time to figure it out! You Are a Liar is all about finding the liars in the group. Point fingers, but make sure you are right, or you might lose some in the process. There is always at least one liar in the group. Are you able to find them?


To begin set up sort the cards into three separate piles. These piles will be placed in the center of the group. The Truth Cards and Lie Cards will be placed facing down, and the Finger Cards will be placed next to them. 

Each player is then given one Finger Card. This is the only freebie throughout the game!


The most honest player will begin the game as the first “guesser”. The Guesser will turn around, facing away from the group. No, closing your eyes isn’t sufficient. Without looking at the card, the other players must choose a True Card or a Lie Card. Every round, at least one Lie Card must be chosen by a player.

After all the players have chosen a card, the Guesser can turn around towards the group. Make sure to cover the back of the cards well, as to hide the symbol for if they are True Cards or Lie Cards. Starting with the player sitting to the left of the Guesser, all players read the statements on their cards. 

After each player has finished reading their statement, the Guesser decides whether their statement is true or a lie. The Guesser shows that they believe a statement is false by placing a Finger Card in front of that player. Finger Cards come from the center pile when being used by a Guesser, and they must be placed before the next player reads. Play continues with the role of the Guesser rotating clockwise around the table. 

If the Guesser correctly guesses a Lie Card, they get a Finger Card, or a point. All wrongly accused Finger Cards are added back to the center pile. For every True Card that the Guesser chose as a Lie Card, the Guesser must place a Finger Card from their winnings back into the center pile. 

When all Finger Cards are gone from the center pile, the game is over. All players count their Finger Cards. The player with the most Finger Cards wins the game! 


The game ends when no Finger Cards are remaining in the center of the group. To decide the winner, all Finger Cards must be tallied. The player with the most Finger Cards wins the game!

Nakoa Davis