you laugh you drink

OBJECT OF YOU LAUGH YOU DRINK: The object of the card game is to make your target giggle when you are prompted by a card. The first person with seven points wins the party game!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or more players

MATERIALS: 150 Cards with hilarious prompts

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Party Card Game



Are you the Joker of the friend group? Do you just have that special ability to always make people laugh? If so, You Laugh You Drink is the card game for you! This party game has only one goal, to make the other person break! 

Players will need a strong will, and people who can’t keep a straight face beware! This is the party game for people who love to laugh, drink, and be stupid with friends.

keep a straight face party game

The cards prompt actions that are sure to make someone laugh, hopefully, it will be the target!

The cards are filled with hilarious prompts each more absurd than the last. Some examples include: Get as close to the target as possible without touching them, You are drunk Santa talking to his head elf (the target player), tell the most embarrassing story you can think of about the targeted player, or do a very shy version of the magic mike dance.

Each round, the Joker chooses who they will try to make laugh. The target must try their best to hold it together and keep a straight face while the action on the card is completed. All other players may laugh at their leisure. The only player that must hold back is the target, and hopefully, for the joker, they have their work cut out for them.

keep a straight face

The people who can’t keep a straight face will only be punished if they are the target. You laugh, you drink. The punishment is in the name! After a few rounds (and drinks) the card game gets a lot harder!

keep a straight face

This game is a fantastic party pleaser. It is sure to have your friends howling and hooting as that drink the night away.

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To set up You Laugh You Drink, simply shuffle the cards and place them facedown in the middle of the group. Players will gather around the table holding the deck and will have a drink in hand. Once the first joker is picked, then the card game is ready to be played! 


To begin, the funniest person draws one of the 150 cards with hilarious prompts. This then makes them the Joker. Then the Joker reads the card to themselves.

After deciding, the Joker then announces their target in the group. The target’s goal is to not laugh while the Joker does whatever they are prompted to do by the card. The joker’s goal. of course, is to make the target laugh as quickly as possible while following the prompt as close as they can.

The Joker is allowed to pass on their turn if they do not want to do what is on the card. They should then take a sip of shame if they choose to pass. Then no points are earned or deducted. Be warned your friends may also choose to ridicule you for being a coward, as they should. This is a game where you should be willing to make a fool of yourself and others, keep that in mind before choosing to pass.

After choosing their target in the group, the Joker has 30 seconds to make the target laugh by doing whatever is on their card. All other players are allowed to laugh, the target is the only one limited. This is no holds bar, as long as the joker is following the prompt, they may do whatever they see fit (with in any boundaries set before the game) to make their target laugh.

If the target breaks and laughs, they must drink. The Joker gets to then keep the card and earn a point. If the target does not laugh, however, they get to keep the card and earn a point, and the Joker must drink. Either way once the point is given the target and the joker have concluded their turn and the next player in order is up.

The player to the left of the Joker now becomes the new Joker. They then draw a new card and pick a new target. The same person cannot be targeted twice in a row!

Then following the same turn order as described above the new joker will do their best to get their targeted player to laugh at their prompt.

The first person to earn seven points wins!


The card game comes to an end when a player reaches seven points. That player is declared the winner.

This is one of the few drinking games that has a standardized end to it and a proper winner.

As with all drinking games, we urge you to play and drink responsibly. Make sure you and your friends make it home safe and sound.


Can you play this party game as a non drinking game for people who prefer not to?

This drinking game is meant to be played with alcohol. If you do not feel comfortable with that then maybe you can play the game with non-alcholoic drinks.

Can I smile or do I have to keep a straight face?

While the goal is always to keep a straight face if someone is able, a player is only punished if they audibly laugh. This only applies to the target player however, any other players may laugh to their heart’s content!

Is this game NSFW?

Within the 150 cards, there are a few that are unsafe for work. You may be able to go through the cards and take out any not fit for the work place, but the game for funny friends. I would not personally suggest it for the workplace, but if you feel you are close enough with your coworkers, who am I to judge.

How many people can play this game?

This game is playable with 3 or more friends. They should all be ages 21 or over, and be able to play responsibly.

Are there limitations on the joker?

While there are no official rules on what the joker can/cannot do, besides following the card prompt, groups should discuss before hand if certain things like touching, inside jokes, or crudness should be allowed. This is a game for friends, so make sure your comfortable with you you are playing with.

What if I don’t think my card is funny?

If you do not like your prompt, you can choose to pass. A passing player must take a sip of shame however, and your friends may ridicule you. And remember not to out drink the drinking player.

Can I laugh if I’m not the targeted player?

While it is hard to keep a straight face if someone is being funny, the great news is if you are not the targeted player, you don’t need to! You may laugh as much as you like, and you should!

Nakoa Davis