OBJECT OF YOUR WORSE NIGHTMARE: The object of Your Worst Nightmare is to be the first player to earn 13 points.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players

MATERIALS: 300 fear cards, 4 pens, 4 scarecards, and instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Your Worst Nightmare is a party game that can inspire hours of conversation and make you realize what your worse nightmares truly are. You will quickly learn the fears of your playmates as well! Four cards are flipped, each have a fear on them. Rank the cards by what you most fear to least fear.

Choose another player and attempt to guess their ranking as well. Don’t get too comfortable though, because you must do this to every player at least once! You will learn a lot about your friends or family! Have fun sharing your worst fears, and make sure to leave the lights on!


To begin, shuffle the deck of Fear Cards and place them in the middle of the group. Give every player a wipe-off pen and scarecard. The game is ready!


To begin, have the oldest player flip over the top four cards of the deck. Make sure everyone can see them. Players will then rank their fears on the scarecards. Next, they will choose another player and try and guess their ranking of the cards. Players take turns reading their answers aloud. 

Each fear you guessed correctly for the other player earns you a point. If you guessed all four of their fears correctly, you get a bonus point too! As you accumulate points, make sure to fill in the circles at the bottom of the scarecard. After all players have had a turn, the game continues to the left, with the next person flipping four Fear Cards. 

You must choose every player at least once to guess their fears. You are not able to guess a person a second time until you have guessed every other player. When a player reaches 13 points, the game comes to an end and they are the winner!


The game ends after a player has earned 13 points. This player is the winner!

Nakoa Davis