OBJECTIVE OF YOU’VE GOT PROBLEMS: The objective of You’ve Got Problems is to win as more points than any other player.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 10 Players

MATERIALS: 500 Playing Cards and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



You’ve Got Problems is the perfect party game for those with creative imaginations. Players present the judge with two perks, things that will make their lives so much better. Each player will then try and sabotage the other players with a negative card paired with their opponent’s cards! Try and make the best cards the worst they can be in an attempt to win!

There are expansion packs available that allow for more extensive gameplay and more players!


Firstly, separate the perks card and sabotage cards. Give each player four perk cards and three sabotage cards. Place the remaining cards into two separate piles in the center playing area. Choose the first player to be the Judge! The game is then ready to begin!


All of the players will choose two of their perk cards to present to the Judge. After everyone has chosen their cards, they will read them aloud to the Judge. After they have been read, the player to their right will then attempt to sabotage them. The players will choose one sabotage card to add to the player on their left.

The Judge will then choose a pair of cards that they think is the best. The player that presented those card wins one point! Players will then refresh their hands by drawing two more perk cards and one sabotage cards.

The game continues until all of the perk cards have been played or if the players are done!


The game comes to an end when all of the perk cards have been played. The player who has won the most points, wins the game!

Nakoa Davis