OBJECT OF ZOLE: The objective of Zole depends on the role that you are playing. If you are the single player, then your goal is to earn 61 points and beat the team. If you are a part of the team, then your goal is to win 61 points and beat the single player.


MATERIALS: 1 Standard Deck of Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Point-Trick Card Game



Zole is full of competition and strategy. If you are ready to be pitted against two of your closest friends, then open up a deck and get started with this simple card game! Rules are simple and the game is intense.

Attempt to score most of the points available. You may choose to do it alone or have a partner. Will you be willing to share the glory or have it all to yourself? Jump in and find out!


To begin setup, remove the 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s from the deck, setting them aside. In every suit, except diamond, remove the 7 and 8 cards as well. There should be 26 cards remaining.

All of the Queens, diamonds, and Jacks are considered trumps, and they are ranked in the following descending order:

Queens of clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds- Jacks of clubs, spades, hearts diamonds- ace of diamonds- 10 of diamonds- King of diamonds- 9, 8 and then 7 of diamonds.

In the suits of hearts, spades, and clubs there should be only four cards with the following descending ranking: ace, ten, King, and then nine. For the purpose of winning tricks, all Queens and Jacks should be considered as coming from diamonds and not their assigned suits.

The dealer will shuffle the cards. The player to their right will cut the deck. They will then deal four cards to each active player, beginning with the one found on their left and going clockwise around the group. Two cards will be placed facedown on the table. Four more cards are given to each player, and the game is ready to begin!


The game will begin with Bidding. During this portion, beginning with the player to the left of the dealer, each player will have one chance to pass or play as the solo player. This means their goal would be to earn sixty-one points.

The player who chooses to be solo will then take the two cards from the middle, hiding them from the other players. They must then decide on eight cards to keep and two cards to discard face down in the middle. These points will count for the solo player.

If nobody takes the cards in the middle, and all players pass, then each player will attempt to take the fewest tricks. Gameplay will continue clockwise around the group.

The player on the dealer’s left will lead to the first trick. After the first turn, the lead of the next trick is made by the winner of the trick before. A player on lead may lead with any card. The next player must attempt to play a card of the same suit. If they are unable to do so, they may play any card.

The trick is won by the card with the highest rank if there have been no trump cards played. Of a trump has been played, then the highest ranking of those will win the trick. At the end of three tricks, scoring begins.

The team and the solo will add the card points in its tricks, giving the two cards in the middle to the solo’s score. The solo must then pay or receive points from each opponent depending on the number of card points or tricks taken as follows:

SoloOpponentsNumber of points
All tricks0Gain 6 from opponent
>91<29Gain 5 from opponent
61-9030-59Gain 4 from opponent
31-6060-89Pay 5 to opponent
<30>90Pay 6 to opponent
0All tricksPay 7 to opponent

If all players pass, then the player taking the most trucks will pay the opponents two points.

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Card Ranking

Ace: 11

Ten: 10

King: 4

Queen: 3

Jack: 2

9, 8, and 7: 0


After three plays, the game comes to an end.  At the end of the third play, points ate tallied depending on tricks taken. The player with the most points wins the game.

Nakoa Davis