Similarities And Differences Between Video Games And Video Slots At Online Casinos

Are you an avid gamer and want to know more about the connection between video games and gambling at Casinomax or other online casinos? Are you wondering if online gambling could interest you?

If you compare video games and online casino games directly, you will find so many fundamental differences. Video game developers are responsible for making sure that players can use their skills to win the game. Online casino games are based on the RNG (random number generator) to make the game more exciting for players, so you can’t rely solely on your skills. More information about RNG is available at

Video slots have come a long way since the first slot machines appeared in the 19th century. Despite the immediate attention and popularity of slot machines, a 19th-century person could not have imagined what would happen 200 years later. The way slot machines evolved was heavily influenced by video games and other technologically advanced devices, which completely changed the face of slot machines by the 1980s. 

A Little About Video Games and Slots

Video games originated back to the 1950s. They are very different from what we have today, a lot more advanced than they were a decade ago. There are many modern video games from shooters to RPGs, sports, action, adventure, etc. No doubt, if you spend some time searching, you can find a game or two that will interest you. Video games are a great way to have fun and pass the time.

The video game industry is extremely successful on a global level. There is no shortage of gaming entertainment for all kinds of consoles released by different companies. The most popular include

  • Playstation; 
  • Xbox; 
  • Nintendo.

One of the main reasons people like to enjoy playing gambling and video games is psychology and excitement. Most games offer some form of interaction, whether with other players or even with characters, which introduces a huge element of social interaction.

The first video slot was Fortune Coin developed in the mid-1970s. This slot is the same as the previous mechanical slot with one major difference – it has a video display instead of a mechanical one. Lucky Coin has no new features and does not change anything in the game but it is in fashion. Every major Las Vegas casino was stocked with Fortune Coin slot machines within two years, and that same year the entire enterprise was sold for millions of dollars. Learn more about slot machines at

Fortune Coin is lighter and smaller than conventional mechanical slot machines allowing casinos to stack the numbers and increase winnings. In addition, casino game suppliers realized that video displays were more appealing than older mechanical designs and easier and cheaper to maintain, so the real revolution began. By the mid-1980s, there were thousands of video slots. 

With the development of the Internet, many video and gambling games began to move online. Today, you can have fun games play free online and get the same gambling experience as in a regular casino.

Similarities and Differences between Video Games and E-Slot Machines

As it was mentioned earlier, there have been more similarities between video games and video slots over the past decade. It is worth taking a closer look at what they have in common and what still makes them different.

The graphics and user interface of video games were ahead of the time compared to slot machines. They were just designed better and smoother. However, over the past few years, some slot machine vendors, especially NetEnt and Playtech, have released many well-designed slot machines.Playing video games is just for fun (unless you’re a professional gamer and play to make money), while playing video slots is mostly designed for big winnings and big cash prizes.
Modern slot machines target a younger audience naturally drawn to video games. Slot machine suppliers have recognized the potential of attracting a legion of new young players to the world of gambling, and they have done so with this modern line of slot machines.Video games require practice. There are plenty of exceptionally competitive games played by millions of players. On the contrary, video slots require minutes or even seconds to learn the layout and interface to play casino games for free online no download. There are even games for professional players who make a lot of money playing games. They play several hours a day to practice and stay at a high level. Playing slots, on the other hand, does not require any special skills.

So today video games and slot machines are very similar in nature. Both use digital technology. Both types of entertainment are aimed at young people and have attractive computer graphics. 

The main difference is that they have distinctive principles of gameplay. Slot machines at online casinos offer to earn money by relying on luck. Players’ skills are practically irrelevant, this is what is called gambling – a game of chance. Somehow, the gambler can influence the process by correctly calculating his bankroll. At the same time, when it comes to classic video games, they are played just for fun and competition. The winnings depend on the skill of the players, while luck is a secondary issue. And only a few gamers make money from their entertainment.


Looking at online casino gambling and video games, you can see many similarities, but there are also many differences. For example, you bet with your money in casino gambling, but not in video games.

Similarities include:

  • both games usually have multiplayer versions;
  • both offer bonuses or credits;
  • both offer incredible visuals that you didn’t see years ago.

Both provide great entertainment for players. One major difference is that you tend to play shorter games when you gamble, whereas video games can last longer in most cases. Gamblers can make money on gambling games, only professionals make money on video games. 

However, modern eSports organizations often hold tournaments. The earnings of young players in them are usually small but the prize pool of some large tournaments can reach millions of dollars.

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