Tech That Will Advance Online Gaming

Gaming has come a long way in a short amount of time. Wasn’t it just the 70’s that the first gaming machines made an appearance? And granted board and card games have been around for centuries, but they have remained relatively untouched in that time.

But that might change soon. Tech keeps evolving, and with it will be an influence on the gaming community. New ideas will come from ancient and beloved games. They might be great, they might flop harder than the PSP Go. Only time will tell what the outcome will be.

Take a look at our picks for the tech that will advance gaming and decide for yourself what you think will stick around.


Cryptocurrency doesn’t have a lot of practical uses as yet. Aside from trading in crypto for your national currency equivalent, you can buy a Tesla or a flight off of certain airlines, first class, but you’re not about to buy your milk with it.

However, some online casino and sportsbook market are accepting cryptocurrency. It is, largely, an extension of an already common and popular trend which saw customers using alternative payment methods already. Casinos like them because all transactions are final and users playing roulette online are enjoying the bypassing of the 3-5 working day window it takes for them to get their winnings. 

And of course, there is the discussion around NFTs, which Ubisoft in particular are currently trying to integrate into their console games as alternatives to loot. Players can buy skins and weapon mods, nothing that can affect the difficulty for the player of course, and enjoy knowing that it’s theirs and only theirs. This hasn’t been taken well by the wider community, but Ubisoft are arguing that players will learn more about NFTs like they are cryptocurrency and soon embrace the new tech.

Virtual reality

There are obviously a lot of uses for virtual reality in console gaming. As yet, that amounts to one lone figure wandering through houses or surviving a No Man’s Land, and needs greatly improved upon, frankly, and one way they can improve is with the use of role-playing games.

And we’re not talking about Skyrim or the Witcher that simply play a role, we mean the tabletop, dice in hand, character forms role playing game. Virtual reality is already being touted by Zuckerberg as the next move for social media. If developers can somehow make the environment and the chatroom elements combine inside the virtual landscape, the rest of the gang can take it from there, enacting out their Dungeons and Dragons fantasies with visuals supplied by the headset.

Of course, this could go against everything DnD fans love about the game, which is a game built entirely on imagination, but the concept of communal gaming is still one that needs to be explored for gaming to progress the way developers want it to.


Speaking of RPGs, artificial intelligence might be coming for your console RPG games. The likes of The Witcher franchise, the Skyrim franchise and other role-playing games might be greatly improved by artificial intelligence getting involved with its NPCs. Non-Playable Characters thus far have been content to either stand there, or robotically spit out what they are programmed to say, but that could change with AI making up what they think the character should say on the fly.

This could be greatly influential on games that rely on interaction from NPCs to carve your own path, like the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises, which are both Bethesda owned and known for their rich worlds with lots of characters to interact with in different ways.

Nakoa Davis