The easiest games at casinos

Easy games contain simple and intuitive control systems and never get too difficult. The charm of easy games is not based on challenge, but instead they are designed for fun!

Online casinos today offer thousands of different games, from slots to live games and everything in between. Casino games can boost up to thousands of different games, which can make new players in particular quake in their boots. It can be difficult for newcomers to know which game to jump into first. Read more about the easiest games at online casinos.

In this article, we present the easiest casino games for beginners. These games can be played by new and experienced players alike and may well take you several rounds.

The easiest online casino games: these are for everyone

With the huge range of games available on online casinos, it can be difficult to find the easiest and best games, especially for beginners. Below we’ve listed the simplest and easiest casino games that are suitable for everyone. If you need more details, check Kasino-Kolikkopelit.


The easiest (and most popular) games in online casinos are slot machines. Traditional gambling games work online in much the same way as the slot machines you might come across in shop lobbies, for example: just pick a game, place a bet and hope for the best. 

However, online slots can offer many more features, better paybacks and more fun themes. Modern video slots can offer a payback rate of up to 95-99% and you can start playing with just a few cents on the line. Not only that, but online slots typically include a huge variety of bonus features, such as free spins and bonus games. Odds and wilds can also be found on popular online slots.

Slot machines are completely luck-based games and there is no strategy involved. Each game round is independent of the previous one, so the result of the previous round does not affect the next round at all. 

Among other things, slot games also include jackpots, where players can win up to millions of euros at best. 


Scratch cards online work in the same way as traditional scratch cards, which players can also find in shops and kiosks, for example. Scratch cards are also completely luck-based, so players don’t have to worry about strategy or other commerce. 

Online scratchcards work by the player paying for a scrap and clicking the lottery ticket boxes open. If a certain number of the same symbols or numbers land on the boxes, the player wins a corresponding prize. The winnings are paid immediately into the player’s account, which is a good advantage over traditional scratch cards. This is because regular scratch cards have to be taken back to the kiosk to claim the win. 

The scratch cards also have fun themes, so there’s always a scratchcard to suit every player.


While it’s easy to think that playing roulette as a table game would be difficult, it’s not. Even novice players can get up to speed with roulette, as it requires no strategy. Roulette is entirely based on luck and the hardest thing about roulette is just understanding the different stakes available. Roulette has a lot of different indoor and outdoor bets, which pay the player at different odds. Once you understand the stakes and their odds, the game will flow like water. 

The game starts by placing your desired bet on the game, after which the game master places the ball on the roulette table’s track and sets the game in motion. If the ball hits the spot you guessed, you’re paid a prize and the game round starts again. In roulette, roulette rounds are fast and players can play several tens of rounds per hour. 

Roulette can be played both as a table game and in a live casino. Beginners should start with the table game, which allows you to play for free in a demo version. If you’re looking for more excitement, try the games in the live casino.


Baccarat is another table game that is not at all as difficult as you might imagine. In baccarat, players just have to guess whether the dealer will win, the player will win, or if there will be a tie. No strategy is needed in baccarat either, the game is based on luck. This fun game can also be played as both a table game and a live game, so beginners can easily get up to speed by practicing it as a table game first.

Start playing and learn

Finding the right online casino doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start reading casino reviews 

and comparing casinos on various sites. There are plenty of comprehensive reviews of quality casinos on many sites.

In reviews, people go over the things that matter to players, such as casino bonuses, game selection, money transfers, customer service and security, so that players are well-equipped to choose the right casino for them.

By comparing casinos and reading reviews, you can choose the casino that’s right for you. Join a casino and make a deposit to start playing. Just remember to always play calmly, with moderation and within your bankroll!

Nakoa Davis