The Evolution of Gambling in Canada

Gambling has grown world-wide, that’s a fact. However, in terms of its prevalence across the region of Canada, the progression of gambling and its uptake has been surprisingly fast. With so many changes that have happened to the market, understanding both the positive and negative impacts of the market’s growth in Canada, will expand the awareness and appreciation of how Canada has come in terms of its evolution. 

Canada now not only presents the best online casinos for the world’s competing market, it also offers some of the best live dealer casino games in the world too. Within today’s article, we will explore all the explorations of the online gambling world within Canada. 

Canada has many physical casinos 

Canada offers multiple land-based casinos now, due to the mass expansion of legislation within the region. Once upon a time, Canadians had many restrictions when it came to freely gambling. Now however, the government has eased their restrictions, and attitudes to physical gambling, but it still has not fully opened accessibility to the realm of online casinos. Funnily enough however, offshore gambling casino sites are allowed to operate within Canada, and Canadians can fully engage with those sites. 

The pandemic did cause multiple closures and temporary blockages to gamble in real-time and on-site, however due to the increased adaptation to offshore online casinos, over 70% of the usual brick and mortar players, adapted and moved on to online casinos and mobile casinos. Due to the convenience of online gambling, the interest for online casinos really surged over the past two years. 

Why is offshore gambling preferred more?

Offshore gambling is preferred, due to the large list of benefits that come with it. While it does negatively impact the revenue and taxation gains for the Canadian government, players find multiple benefits in actively selecting offshore gambling. Here are further reasons to explain why:

  • Betting rates are better from offshore sites, including welcome bonuses which players can get from registering to these sites. Such small features like this really go a long way when it comes to defining an online casino experience. 
  • Faster withdrawal times are offered to offshore gambling players. Some local casinos ask players to wait a week or more, however offshore gambling sites actually can just take up to 2-3 days to offer payment directly to online casino players. While this will entirely depend on the payment methods used by the online casino, cryptocurrency is a form of payment method which promises instant pay-outs at offshore sites.
  • More gaming variety is possible at offshore sites, due to the large network of game developers that online casinos have access to. When a player has more games to look forward to playing on, why would they even bother to gamble on a site that offers less than that? The real issue is that local casinos may offer a limited experience, and that would entail less entertainment or a long-term future. Some of the biggest software developers like Microgaming, Playtech and so on, are available at offshore casinos. 
  • Less restrictions that players need to feel responsible for, in terms of taxation policies on winnings and so on, would of course allow players to keep more of their winnings for the long term, wouldn’t it? Most Canadian players opt for new online casinos, due to their great offers and withdrawal processes.

What does the future look like for gambling in Canada?

Gambling within Canada will exponentially grow, of course. However, due to the huge losses of revenue from the restrictions within Canada, we do predict that there will be a greater tolerance for online casinos within Canada, in the years to come. After losing out on so much money from possible taxation sources, the Canadian government would be very silly not to realise that making gambling completely accessible for local inhabitants is the best economical choice moving forward. Monitoring online casino usage within the region of Canada certainly is the biggest aim for the Canadian government now, and with the increasing uptake of offshore sites, every day is becoming more and more of a threat when it comes to regulating gambling parties within the region.

Nakoa Davis