The Most Popular Card Games In Finland

Games in Finland are known for their uniqueness. There are different types of games played by Finnish citizens. These games are unique in their way. Even when talking about playing standard baseball, Finnish people play it differently.

In Finland, they play most of their games for fun. Examples of those games includes; Kyykka (Finnish skittles), Molkky, crab ball tag, and lots more. Amongst these games, there is a type of game played by most citizens. The card game is a game played in Finland, mainly for fun. 

There are different card games played by Finnish citizens. The card games are known for their uniqueness. These games include:


Marjapussi is a point-trick game played in southern Finland. Four players participate in the game. The name originates from a French word, ‘marriage.’ It consists of four players with two partners. It is played with a pack of 36 cards ranging from the highest, A to the lowest, 6. It can also be played using 32 or 28 cards omitting the two lowest, 6, and 7.

The amount of game points determines the winner. The partner with the highest game point wins the game.


Paskahousu means “shitty pants”. It is mostly played by 3 to 5 players. It can be played by two and more players, but it is most interesting when played by 3 to 5 players. It is played in a clockwise manner and a shedding type of card game.

It consists of a pack of 52 cards ranging from the highest, 2 to the lowest 3 (2, A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3). Twos, Aces and Tens are exceptional cards. The card is shared by the dealer and the rest of the cards are faced down and regarded as the drawing stock.

The game is played until the stock finishes. After the stock finishes, the player that gets rid of his card doesn’t participate anymore. The first player to get rid of his card becomes the winner. The loser of the game is the player that still has cards when the other players have exhausted their cards. The loser, in some cases, is called the Paskahousu or shitty pants.


The Ristikontra is a trick-taking card game. It is a partnership game played by four players; each partner is facing each other.

The dealer can be any of the players. The dealer deals each of the players with six cards, and the remaining card serves as the stock. The game is played by earning card points through tricks. Sixty card points earn you one game point. The group with the highest game point wins.


The Mustamaiji is a Finnish game mostly thought of as a game for children. Adults have recently played it due to its tactical play. Unlike card games, the Mustamaiji is not a trick-taking type of play; it is a beating game.

Two to six players play the game. Each of the players is dealt with five cards out of a deck of 52 cards. In this game, they do not recognize winners but losers of each hand.


Tuppi is a trick-taking type of game played in northern Finland. It is a game played for fun and not for money. But recently, championship tournament has been organized for the game.

Four players play it with each player having a partner. Thirteen cards are dealt with each player out of a deck of fifty-two cards having the regular rank with the ace being the highest. A group wins the game by getting 52 points, and points through tricks.


There are several card games in the list of Finnish recreational activities. These games provide fun to the players. It also helps to improve the mental stability of the players. These card games also add certain benefits to the players aside from the fun in the game.

Nakoa Davis