The Rules of Shot Roulette Drinking Game

Shot roulette

OBJECTIVE OF SHOT ROULETTE: The objective of shot roulette is to avoid shots and be the last person in the game.


MATERIALS OF SHOT ROULETTE: Shot glasses, Alcohol, Non- alcoholic drinks, 1 Empty Bottle.

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking game



Who doesn’t love a nice game of chance? The only thing that could possibly make a game more fun is adding booze. Shot Roulette is one of my favorite drinking games. It’s quick and easy to set up with things you probably have around your house. Let’s go over the rules so you can add this to your list of party-drinking games or perhaps add it to your Beer Olympics!


shot roulette

The game is shot roulette, and you need at least two people to play it. Grab some shot glasses, mixers, and some booze, and get ready to play. Don’t confuse it with the casino game Roulette, although it can be just as exciting!


For this game, you need to get two drinks, one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic. The more they look alike, the better. You can choose several types of drinks, but be sure to get non-alcoholic drinks that look similar—for example, beer and apple juice, red wine and grape juice, vodka and water.

Pour the drinks into shot glasses and place them in a circle (roulette) around the table or on any flat surface. So you should have half the glasses filled with booze and the other half with non-alcoholic drinks, but they should be indistinguishable. Have the players stand around the table as well.

Finally, get an empty bottle, place it in the center of the table, and pick a person to go first. You can use any mechanism you want. You can say the last person who went to the bathroom or the person who has had the least to drink. 


shot roulette rules

Now, if it’s your turn, you can spin the bottle. Wherever the bottle points to when it stops spinning is the drink you must take. If the bottle lands between two shots, just choose a random one. You can’t closely examine the drinks or smell them. You must choose one and drink it quickly.

After you take the shot, refill the glass with whatever you drank. Then, the play continues clockwise. You can create rules to get players out, such as if you’ve gotten three alcoholic drinks, you’re out, or if you spill a drink, you’re out.


The last person who is left in the game is the winner.


Because Shot Roulette is so simple and doesn’t have many rules, it is easy to make different variations. If you want to make the game feel more like a card game, you can play the card variation. 

The setup is the same as the regular game, except you put a playing card face up underneath each shotglass, excluding jokers.

Then, when it’s your turn, you roll a pair of dice. If the number matches one of the cards on the table, then you must take the shot that’s on that card. If there are several, just choose one and leave the others there for other players.

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