US Online Casino Alternatives

It is no secret that the US online gambling market is a bit of gray area, being that it is yet to become fully legal. In fact, out of all 51 US states, only a handful have all three verticals of online gambling officially legalized, leaving very few reasonable alternatives for true online casino players and gambling enthusiasts. 

Except you are a resident of  New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Delaware, one of the very few to offer a full-blown online gambling experience that is 100% legal and state recognized.

This means that unless you are a citizen of one of these states, chances are you will face certain challenges that may deter you from playing at online casinos. Consequently, you will be left with only two choices – either physically travel to one of these privileged states, or go for the more logical option, and play at one of the top offshore casinos for US players.

Thanks to the plethora of offshore online casinos that accept US players, the solution has never been easier. Not only you will find the utmost diversity of US offshore online casinos in various shapes and sizes, but these operators are also operating by the highest standards of the industry, both when it comes to entertainment and licensing.

The Best Online Casino Alternatives For US Gamblers

Without wasting any more of your precious time, we give you the most efficient alternatives for US online casino players whose states still haven’t legalized online casino gambling, yet still want to play.

  1. Play at US Offshore Casinos

We know that the US is the home of probably the most technically advanced online gambling scene on the planet. As a result, it is no wonder that most online casinos are properly regulated and licensed, and as such, come with a certain standard that is hard to match by the other online gambling markets. However, this is not to say that there aren’t other alternatives for US players who are into online casino gambling. We are talking about the US offshore online casinos.

Equally technologically advanced and operating under the same high-standard principles of the iGaming industry, offshore online casinos are the perfect solution if you cannot play at US-legal online casinos. Not only do they come with official gambling licenses, extensive entertainment prowess, and secure payment methods, but most also entail cutting-edge design and highly captivating promotions.

And the best part? Every single offshore online casino loves US players, meaning that they will do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied, which usually means giving you special treatment and various incentives to keep you happy.

  1. Play at Bitcoin/Crypto Casinos that accept US Players

Playing at Bitcoin, i.e. crypto casinos is another foolproof way to conduct your online gambling if your state still hasn’t regulated this activity. This is due to the simple fact that Bitcoin casinos are all about anonymity, and as such, they do not require any personal information when registering an account. All you need to do is enter your crypto wallet, and create a username. That is it.

Even better, playing at Bitcoin casinos come with plenty of benefits that regular online casinos lack. In addition to anonymity, these include faster transactions, no deposit or withdrawal limits, hefty Bitcoin bonuses, Bitcoin games, etc. In other words, playing at Bitcoin casinos is an excellent way to gamble while you wait for your state to legalize online gambling.

  1. Play at Online Casinos That Don’t Require Verification

The riskiest advice out of all, you can also play at online casinos that don’t bother with verification procedures. While this is highly frowned upon in the online gambling industry, there are still players who are willing to risk it and register with these casinos as an alternative to their state not offering online casino gambling. Although these casinos will mostly be able to exactly replicate the offer, looks, and even the professionalism of the proper and regulated casinos, believe us when we say it is still not the same.

The reason for this is that in many instances these types of casinos are not licensed, and as such, they pose a big risk to your finances. Not only you may end up tricked, but most of these casinos only operate so that they can conduct malpractices, such as money-laundering for example. Either way, if you don’t mind the risk, we at least advise you to be cautious at all times and always play with smaller amounts. Especially since these types of casinos have short expiring dates, and as such, will eventually run out of business.

Nakoa Davis