A Gimmick in Disguise? There’s Gotta Be a Catch With Free Slots

Take a spin, and take the win, it’s all free with free slots! But is there a gimmick to it? A catch? A trick? Not to worry, there’s no catch in playing free slots – except that you won’t be able to cash out any of your play money winnings, of course. When you head to a “for fun” slots site you can happily while away the hours or minutes without having to sign up, sign on, or drop down any money on the games.

The aim of these games is sheer fun. And while this applies to other no deposit online casino games where there’s only but a slim chance of winning real money, in this case, no deposit free slots simply allow you to get the gaming experience – sans the risk!

How come some slots are free to play?

There are two different types of free slots floating around the internet. The first type is the completely free slots: there is no option to make any purchases at all, and you get to play completely for free. This type is usually offered by online casinos as a taste tester of the games that they have on offer. It gives people a chance to get familiarised with the slot games before they put any real money down to play.

The second type of free slot games are those that support microtransactions. These types of slots you may wind up actually paying for. You will find the majority of these slots in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. These games are free to download and play, but you might find yourself buying tokens because you can’t wait until tomorrow for the next lot of free tokens. If you are playing these do be aware that you can never cash out – they are just for fun. You have better odds of winning real money (i.e. greater than zero!) at a paid money online slots provider. 

Are free slots exactly the same as the real casino version?

If you’re playing free slots at an online casino that also has the game available in their casino for paying patrons, the game itself will have the same gameplay, graphics, and sounds. Do be aware that the free slot game may not have the same return rate as the paid version – always check the fine print of the game to see what you’re getting. A good RTP (aka Return to Player) is 96% or higher. This means that for every $1 down, you’ll get 96c back on average. You can usually find the RTP of any given game if you hunt around down the bottom or in the help section.

How can you tell whether you’re playing free vs paid slots?

The only way that you will ever accidentally play paid slots instead of free slots is if you already have an account with an online casino and you’re logged in with funds to play. If this isn’t the case, it’s impossible to spend money on slots. Why? Well, you haven’t signed up at an online casino, verified your identity, and deposited funds to play. All these steps are necessary before you start playing for real money. So if you’re just cruising around the internet playing free slots there’s no need to worry that you’re running down your funds.

Some casinos offer free spin bonuses for players. These are a bonus for players who have accounts and make real money deposits. If you want to keep everything free forever and not ever have the temptation to gamble real money, then avoid these types of offers. However, if you’re n looking to join an online casino, you can shop around for the best free spin deals (don’t forget that RTP, too!).

What other games can you play for free?

There is almost an infinite number of games that you can play for free, thanks to the power of the internet. While many of the games released these days on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store contain paid add-ons which are needed if you want to enjoy interruption-free gameplay, it’s definitely not all games.

You can tell which games are paid or free from the game description in the store. For games with an upfront cost, it’ll be very clear as you will need to purchase first. Some paid games may offer a free trial or chapter of the game to test out. For games where you can buy extras within the game itself, it says in-app purchases on the description. It also will say contains ads, which is another way that free play games can make money – through advertisers, not players.

Nakoa Davis