Five Relaxing Card Games


Games have a reputation for being hectic. Though games are fun, you don’t often associate them with a quiet, peaceful experience. I love games for their rowdiness, for the competition and erratic fun that can be had, but there are games out there that can be just as fun without all the stress. Games that can be played with friends and family without the worry of arguments or fights. These five games I’m going to tell you about today are great for a cozy, rainy night in or for a cool down between more involved games. So, sit back, relax and get in the mindset for a peaceful adventure.


The first game I’d like to tell you about is Herbaceous. It is a card game where players work to make their own personal herb gardens. What could be more relaxing than that? You take your turn by either adding herbs to your pot or donating them to the community. The person with the most beautiful garden, in the end, wins. The art paired with the easy to follow rules of the game make this a must for a quiet night in. A fun game for all ages.


The second game I’d like to introduce you to is called Photosynthesis. Another nature-based game where you plant seeds to grow into trees. The board slowly becomes a beautiful forest of everyone’s making and points are tallied by how large you can grow your trees. A light strategy game that’s easy to learn and beautiful to watch unfold.


Tokaido is a lovely and tranquil experience, making it my next recommendation. It’s a beautiful game involving an awesome journey. Each player chooses a character card as their traveler, and each character has its own special ability used during the game. The game is simple in play, but there is just enough strategy to keep you interested. You take your character and move it in a line across the board from left to right, stopping along the way to see attractions. The game is won by having the best holiday; you can do this in many ways. You can eat the most delicious food, paint amazing pictures, relax at hot springs, buy quirky souvenirs, or a mix of all the above. There is no definitive winning technique and Tokaido is another game where the victory is not as important as the journey.


Tsuro is the next mention on my list. It’s an amazing game made of wooden pieces and lovely Asian inspired art. The objective of the game is to be the last remaining piece on the ever-changing board. Players take their turns adding tiles to the board and moving players and sometimes themselves based on the paths that are made. Truly a game with a deeper meaning and a calm atmosphere.


Finally, last on our list, we have Tales of Arabian Nights. This is a favorite of mine and is wonderful for a calm night in. It is a storytelling game where you play as a hero or heroine who must go on grand adventures and complete quests in order to receive destiny and story points. And though there is a winner in this game, it is more about the wonderful stories you and your friends can create. A fun, choose your own adventure game, where not everything you do matters.  Sometimes it comes down to luck.


Games do not always have to be chaotic to be a good time. Every once in a while, we crave a relaxing night, where we can hang out with the people we care about most. These games are for those times. When you need a break from the world and want to lose yourself in something calming and stress-free. These games are an oasis amongst friendship-shattering games of competition and strategy. They can help you form bonds that may last a lifetime. 

Nakoa Davis

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  1. i love this! card games are still my fav thing to play with family and friends!! new subbie!! would love to support each other

    • Hey there Eve!!

      Happy to hear from you had happy to have a new friend on the site! Let us know what we can do better and how we can share the love back your way!

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