3D HEARTS (Double Deck Domino Hearts)

OBJECTIVE OF 3D HEARTS:  Be the player with the lowest score at the end of the game

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3-8 players

NUMBER OF CARDS: 104 cards

RANK OF CARDS: (low) 2 – Ace (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Shedding, Trick Taking



3D Hearts is a party game style variation of Hearts intended for larger groups of people.  What separates this game from classic Hearts is the use of two decks, a six card hand, drawing when unable to follow suit, and the ability for up to eight people to play. 


To prepare the deck for 3D Hearts, grab two 52 card French decks.  Remove one Queen of Spades and one Jack of Diamonds.  They will not be used in this game.  After shuffling, each player should draw a card.  Low card deals first and keeps score for the entire game.

Shuffle the cards again and deal each player six face down.  Deal passes left each round.


The player left of the dealer begins the game by playing a card from their hand to begin the trick.  Hearts are not allowed to be played until the suit is broken.  Following players must follow the suit that was led.  If they cannot follow suit, they have to draw until they are able to.  Once they draw a card that can be played, they do so.  Play then continues to the left.

If a player is unable to follow suit, and the draw pile is empty, they may play any card from their hand.  The highest card played in the lead suit takes the trick.  That player leads.

If two cards of the same suit and rank are played to the trick, the card that is played first is considered the higher card.  For example, if Player 1 leads with the 3 of Spades, Player 2 follows with a 10 of Spades, and Player 3 finishes the trick with a 10 of Spades also, it is Player 2 that takes the trick. 

As play continues, players will begin to run out of cards.  Once a player’s hand is empty, they are out for the round.  The round ends once only one player remains with cards in their hand.  When this occurs, it is time to tally up the score!


A Heart can only be played to a trick when the draw pile is depleted and a player is unable to follow suit.  For example, if a player leads with the 6 of Spades, the following player is unable to follow suit, and the draw pile is depleted, Hearts may be played to the trick.  This is called breaking hearts.

Only after Hearts have been broken can they be played to lead the trick.


Each Heart a player collects is worth 1 point.  The Queen of Spades is worth 13 points.  The player who captures the Jack of Diamonds may subtract 10 points from their score.

The last player in the game also earns points for the point cards remaining in their hand.  This includes the Queen of Spades as well as the point deduction for the Jack of Diamonds.


Once a player reaches 100 points or more, the game is over.  The player with the lowest score wins.  If there is a tie between winners, the victory is shared.

If you enjoy this game, try out the card game Hearts!

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