OBJECTIVE OF AMUL: The objective of Amul is to become the wealthiest merchant of them all.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 8 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Card Reference, 1 Scoring Pad, 1 Game Board, 8 Round Summary Cards, 1 Round Tracker Card, 1 First Pick Card, 1 Starting Player Card, 9 Bazaar cards, 16 Palace Cards, 146 Market Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Drafting Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


Amul, the largest center of international trade, has now become a battle ground for local merchants. As an important transit point on the Great Silk Road, Amul provides the merchants with all of the business that they could possibly hope for, except there are ruthless competitors that plan to take away their business for their own profits. Players must collect goods, hire guards, make contracts, and assemble caravans in order to become the wealthiest merchant of them all! 


Begin setup by placing the game board in the center of the playing area. The cards are then prepared based on the small circle at the corner of each card. This circle will indicate the number of players needed for the card to be used. Any other cards should be discarded. The palace is then setup when the palace cards are placed beside the palace side of the board.  

Each Bazaar card is then placed faceup on the Bazaar side of the board. All market cards are shuffled and placed face down in the market side of the board, forming the market deck. Five market cards are dealt to each player, creating their starting hand. They should also be given a round summary card.  

The first player is randomly chosen by the group. They will then collect eh starting player card, the first pick card, and the round tracker card. The players should ensure that they have some place in front of them on the table, allowing them to have their own player area. The game is then ready to begin. 


The game is played over the course of nine rounds. Every round consists of the replenish phase, the planning phase, and the upkeep phase. During the replenish phase, one market card is dealt to each player. After each player has received their cards, a certain number of cards are dealt to the market, filling it. For three players, it is one card, two cards for four players, and three cards for any more players.  

Once the market is filled, the planning phase begins. Here, players will choose a card from their hand to add to the market. They will then choose a card from the market, beginning with the player who has the first pick card and rotating clockwise around the group. The players will then choose a card from their hands to reveal simultaneously. If it has a table on it, then it stays in their player area, but if it has a hand, it is removed from the game.  

After they have each revealed a card, the upkeep phase will begin. Any card that has effects that were played during the round are then resolved. There are a variety of actions that may need to be taken, and some of them have immediate effects. Once all effects have been resolved, the next round will begin! 


After nine rounds of gameplay, the game comes to an end. The players will remove all of their cards that do not contain a hand icon. Any other cards are placed in their player area. The players will then score their points as the bookkeeper calls out the cards. Once the bookkeeper has finished, the players will tally their points. The player who has the most Prestige points, wins the game! 

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