OBJECTIVE OF AXIO: The objective of Axio is to be the player with the highest number of points for the lowest-scoring color that they have. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 4 Scoreboards, 60 Tiles, 20 Score Markers, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Management Tile Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up 


In Axio, players place tiles across a shared playing space. Every time someone places a tile, they can score points, depending on the symbols and colors found on the tiles. The number of points the player earns depends on the specific placement of their tiles, so strategy is key.  


To begin setup, the players will collect five score markers and one score board. The score board is placed in front of them, with each marker placed on the starting space of their matching color. Each player’s scoreboard should be visible to the other players throughout the course of the game.  

The tiles are shuffled and placed facedown. Four of them are drawn to create a two-by-two square in the center of the playing area, ensuring that there are no empty corners on the outside edges. The players will then draw twelve tiles and place them beside them, creating their own personal supply. They will then draw one card from their supply, keeping it hidden from the other players. The game is ready to begin! 


The starting player is chosen at random. During a player’s turn, they will place a tile, score that tile, and draw a new tile. After they have completed all three actions, the next player will complete their turn, with turns rotating in a clockwise fashion around the group.  

When playing a tile, the players must play the tile that they have in their hand, and it must be placed adjacent to at least one tile found on the display. The goal of each placement is to score as many points as possible without allowing your opponents to score a high amount during their turn.  

The player will then score each corner of their tile, scoring only the corners that are adjacent to other tiles. The player may score points for matching symbols or color. They will then add their tallied points to their scoreboard. When their turn as come to an end, the player will draw a new tile from their supply.  

Players are only permitted to score twelve points for each color, any additional points gained for a color are lost. The game continues in this manner until all players have exhausted their personal supplies. 


Once all players have placed their tiles, the game comes to an end. The winner is then determined. The players will tally their points of their lowest scoring  

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