OBJECTIVE OF BANAPPLES: The first player to earn 500 points wins the game 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players 

CONTENTS: 160 cards, Instructions, Scoresheet 

TYPE OF GAME:  Hand Shedding Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8+ 


Banapples is a competitive solitaire game in the same vein as Skip Bo.  In this game, players are trying to be the first to empty their seed pile.  This is done by playing cards to their own trees, their canopy, and their opponent’s canopy.  Cards will be played in different areas according to different rules.  Players who empty their seed piles earn a scoring bonus, and the rist player to earn 500 points wins the game. 


The game comes with four 40 card decks.  Each deck has its own uniquely colored back, 20 apple cards (two sets of 1 – 10), and 20 Banana cards (two sets of 1 – 10). 


Each player receives their own deck and shuffles it thoroughly.  They deal 10 cards face down to themselves to form their seed pile.  Turn the top card of that pile face up. 

Each player then deals two more cards face up beside each other.  These two cards are the trees

Finally, deal three cards in a staggered row.  This makes the compost pile.  The remaining cards are placed face down near the compost pile as a draw pile.  Each player will have their own setup like this.  


Each player is acting simultaneously.  There are no turns in this game.   

Everyone is playing cards from their seed or compost pile to their trees. The tree piles must be built in descending order and alternate by fruit.   

Whenever a seed pile card is played, turn the next card face up.  If the top card of the compost pile is unable to be played, or the compost pile runs empty, deal three cards from it until the top card is playable.  If the draw pile runs out of cards, collect the compost pile and turn it face down to form a new draw pile. 


The canopy piles begin above the tree piles in each player’s tableau.  A canopy pile must begin with a 1 of either fruit.  They are built up with the same fruit in ascending order.  A card can be played from the trees, compost pile, or seed pile at any time. 


Whenever one of a player’s tree piles runs empty, they may begin a new pile with any card from their see or compost piles.   

If all of the players have dealt their entire deck to the compost pile at least one time, everyone may begin a third tree. 


One tree pile can be moved on top of the other tree pile in a player’s layout.  The entire pile must be moved.   


At any time, players can play a card from their trees, seed piles, or compost pile onto an opponent’s canopy.  The same rules apply.  The player who played upon an opponent’s canopy will still earn points for their cards. 


A round ends once a player’s seed pile is empty. 


Any player who emptied their seed pile earns 25 points.   

Each player earns points from cards that are played in canopies (even cards played in an opponent’s canopy).  Each card is worth the value of the number on the card.  The player then deducts points for any cards remaining in their seed pile. 

Cards remaining in a player’s draw pile, trees or compost pile do not affect their score. 


The first player to earn 500 points from cards placed in canopies wins the game. 

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