OBJECTIVE OF BANG BANG: The objective of Bang Bang depends on the role of the players. If the players are the killer, then they will try to kill all of the other players before being found out. If the players are just players, then they will try to determine who the killer is before being killed themselves. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Internet, Video Platform, and Account 

TYPE OF GAME: Virtual Hidden Role Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 18 and Up 


Bang Bang is similar to other cooperative games in which a group of individuals try and determine who the murderer is. What makes this game stand apart from others is the fact that once players die, they are not to say anything and sneak their way to the morgue. Other players will quickly notice that they are missing and attempt to find their friends, which they will quickly find that they have perished.  


To set up the game, the host will invite everyone into the room. In the room, there are a variety of different rooms and hiding spaces. Kumospace is a wonderful platform to play this game on, as it allows for video chatting and gameplay simultaneously. The players should put their names on their characters, and the game is ready to begin. 

The host will make an announcement to each of the players, telling them about their role in the game and instructions. Players should be sure to follow instructions and keep their role secret to ensure that the game runs smoothly.  


Throughout the game, the killer will communicate with the other players as if they are one of them. When the killer gets far enough away from other players, and alone with one, they will whisper “Bang, bang.” The player who was murdered must immediately mute themselves and make their way, haphazardly to the morgue, without informing the other players about who killed them. 

If a player hears the murder, then they should report it, and the players can discuss amongst each other who they believe the killer is. The killer will attempt to keep their cover throughout the course of this discussion.  


The game may come to an end when the players win or when the killer wins. If the players are able to correctly guess who the killer is, ensuring that they have enough reasons to back it up, then the players win the game. On the other hand, if the killer kills all of the other players, then the killer wins the game.  

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