OBJECTIVE OF BERMUDA PIRATES: The objective of Bermuda Pirates is to be the first player to bring a treasure of each color to your base. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Game Board, 4 Magnetic Boats, 1 Center Piece, 24 Treasures, 12 Buoys, 4 Flags, 4 Underboards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Area Movement Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 7 and Up 


The Bermuda Triangle, the most treacherous part found in the sea, has a treasure found within that tempts even the richest pirates on the sea. A band of pirates sets their sight on the island found within. Many boats will be lost to whirlpools that drag them to the depths, but others may be able to navigate the seas with their skills. Who can avoid the whirlpools, collect the treasure, and get back home? 


To begin setup, place the centerpiece in the middle of the playing area. The underboards are then attached to the centerpiece with pins. These underboards may be shuffled each game to make them slightly different each time. The game board is then aligned over the underboard, covering it by using the pins on the centerpiece. There is a flag attached to each pin on the centerpiece.  

Six treasures of each color are then placed on the center island, grouped with their matching flags. The players will choose a boat in the color of their choice, determining which corner of the game board that they will use throughout the game. Everyone will collect a set of buoys, and the number depends on how difficult of a game the players want to play. Use less buoys for a more difficult game.  

The youngest player will be assigned as the first player, and the game is ready to begin. 


During their turn, the players will complete four actions. They will push their board closer to the treasures, load their boat, head towards their base, and then place, move, or take one of their buoys from their board.  

When moving their boat, the players are only permitted to use one of their fingers when pushing their boat across the board. Boats are not able to go over islands or shipwrecks, but they are able to go over marine animals. During their turn, a player may push their boat until they are grabbed by a whirlpool, it returns safely home, or it runs aground or off the board. 

If a player makes it to the center island, they may load one treasure from that section of the island onto their boat. If a player touches a treasure that is found in the sea, they are able to load that into their boat as long as it has a different color than the treasure that they have aboard. If a treasure falls off a boat, then it is lost at sea, and it must be touched by a boat before it can be picked up again.  

Whirlpools are created by magnets underneath the board that will pull the boats towards them. The players will lose their treasure that they have collected on the boat, losing them to the sea. If treasure lands on their base, only then can they keep it. They can then continue their turn after they have skipped one. Players are permitted to place buoys near whirlpools if they wish. They may be deceptive, but they cannot block docks or bases, and they can be moved. 


The game comes to an end when a player has collected a treasure of each color and returned to their base. Each player will be permitted to complete their turn before scoring begins. The player that has the complete set of colored treasures, is the winner! If there are players that are tied, then they all win! 

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