OBJECTIVE OF BID EUCHRE: Be the first team to score 32 points

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 players, teams of 2

NUMBER OF CARDS: 24 card deck, 9’s – Aces

RANK OF CARDS: 9 (low) – Ace (high), trump suit 9 (low) – Jack (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Trick taking



When most people speak of Euchre, they are usually talking about Turn Up.  That is the classic way to play, but it is also the simplest.  If you enjoy Turn Up, or other card games similar, you will really like Bid Euchre.  There is no kitty, and the power to determine trump is literally in your hands.  The bidding phase is very reminiscent of Bridge.  Players bid to declare how many tricks they think they can take as a team, and the team that has the highest bid is the biding team and is held to that contract.  After playing a few hands, most players will be delighted at the challenge that Bid Euchre presents.


Bid uses a standard Euchre deck comprised of twenty four cards including the 9’s up through the Aces. 

Bid Euchre is played in teams of two.  Teammates sit across from each other.

The dealer gives six cards to each player by dealing one card at a time.

Once all of the cards are dealt, players look at their hand and determine how many tricks they think they can take as a team. 


The bidding and scoring process is the most complex part of the game. Proceeding clockwise from the dealer, players claim the number of tricks their team is going to take this round.  The minimum bid possible is three.  If a player does not believe they can take at least three tricks with their partner’s help, they may pass.  Players must overbid each other in order to determine trump and go first.  For example, if player one bids three, everyone else at the table must bid four or more if they want to determine trump.  If a player overbids and says four, the next player must bid five or more to declare trump.  Partners are allowed to overbid each other.

There are two ways to bid six.  A player may try to go for six tricks and ask a partner for help.  After bidding six and determining trump, they choose a card that they want to get rid of, and offer it to their partner.  The asking player asks for their partner’s best trump card.  For example, if a player bids six and asks, they may say “give me your best heart”.  This means that hearts are trump for the hand.  If the partner does not have a heart, they cannot say anything.  They just pick the best card they can and give it to their partner.

Players may also bid six and go alone without help.  This is called shooting the moon.  To do this a play simply says, “I am shooting the moon”.

If a player asks or shoots the moon, their partner does not play this hand.

If every player passes, there must be a redeal.  All cards are collected and the deal is passed to the left.

The player with the winning bid determines trump for the hand.  That team is responsible for taking that many tricks. The opposing team will attempt to prevent this.


One thing that is unique about Euchre is how card ranking changes for the trump suit.  Typically, a suit ranks like this: 9 (low), 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. 

The bidding team wins the ability to choose the trump suit. When a suit becomes trump, the order changes like this: 9 (low), 10, Queen, King, Ace, Jack (same color, off suit), Jack (trump suit).  Without fail, this change in rank will throw off new players.

For example, if hearts become trump, the rank order will look like this: 9, 10, Queen, King, Ace, Jack (diamonds), Jack (hearts).  For this hand, the Jack of diamonds will count as a heart.


Once the cards are dealt and a trump suit is determined, play can begin.

The highest bidder leads the trick.  They lead by playing a card of their choice.  Whatever suit the lead player lays must be followed with the same suit if possible.  For example, if a player leads with a King of hearts, all other players must follow suit if they are able.  If a player is unable to follow suit, they may lay any card from their hand.  

Whoever plays the highest card in the lead suit or the trump card of highest value takes the trick.  Whoever takes the trick now leads.

Play continues until all tricks are taken.  Once all the tricks are taken, the round is over.

If a player illegally plays a card, that is called reneging.  The offending team loses two points from their score.  Cutthroat players will purposely renege with the hope that they will not get caught, so you must keep your eyes open and pay attention to what’s been played! 


A team earns one point for each trick taken. 

If a player goes alone, asks for help, and takes all six tricks, that team earns 12 points. 

If a player shoots the moon and takes all six tricks, that team earns 24 points.

If a player does not take the amount of tricks they bid, they lose points equal to the bid.  This is called getting set.  For example, if a player bids five, and their team fails to take five or more tricks, they subtract five points from their current score.

The winning team will be the first to reach 32 points.  In the extremely rare event that both teams reach the same score of 32 or more at the same time, play another hand to break the tie.


Stick the Dealer

The dealer cannot pass and cause a redeal.  In this version, the dealer must bid and/or call trump.

Ace No Face

If a player is dealt a hand that contains at least one ace, and no face cards, they may claim an Ace No Face hand.  Cards are collected and deal is passed to the next player.

With a Joker

Cards are dealt like normal to each player.  The dealer will be dealt seven cards.  They choose one to discard.  In this game, the Joker is always the highest trump card.

Double Deck Bid Euchre

A 4-player version of the game with 48 cards. The game is played with partners sitting across from each other. The bidding minimum is 3 tricks.

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