OBJECTIVE OF BISCUIT: Biscuit is a social drinking game

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or more players

MATERIALS: Two 6 sided dice and plenty of drinks

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Dice game



Biscuit is a high energy drinking game that is sure to break the ice at any social occasion.  The best part about this particular dice game?  You only need two 6 six sided dice and your preferred beverage. 


During this game, one player at the table is the Biscuit.  While a player is the Biscuit, they are the moderator for the game.  Much of the gameplay centers around the Biscuit and what they roll.

To determine who is the Biscuit, begin the game with everyone taking turns rolling the dice.  Do this until one of the players rolls a combination that equals 7.  The first player to roll a value of 7 becomes the Biscuit.

The Biscuit then rolls the dice to determine which actions happen next.  Here are the possible rolls:

1-1Everyone drinks.
6-6The Biscuit creates a rule that must be followed throughout their reign as Biscuit.  This rule stops once a new player becomes the Biscuit.  Anytime the rule is broken by a player, that player must take a drink.
Other Doubles: 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5Based on the number rolled, the Biscuit chooses that many players to take a drink.  For example, if 2-2 was rolled, the Biscuit chooses two players that must take a drink.
1-2The Biscuit challenges one player to a contest.  That chosen player rolls the dice.  The Biscuit then rolls.  The player who rolled the highest total value wins the contest.  The loser must take drinks equal to the difference between the two rolls.   For example, if the challenger rolls a total of 9, and the Biscuit rolls a total of 6, the Biscuit loses the contest and must take 3 drinks.
1-6, 2-5, 3-4As soon as a dice total of 7 is rolled, all players must placed their thumb on their forehead. The last player to do so is the new Biscuit.
3-6, 4-5The player to the right of the Biscuit takes a drink.
4-6The Biscuit takes a drink.
5-6The player to the left of the Biscuit drinks.
A 3 is rolled on one of the diceWhenever a 3 is rolled, the Biscuit must take a drink.  If a 3-3 is rolled, the Biscuit must take two drinks.  Also, whenever a 3 is rolled, that player stops being the Biscuit.  A new Biscuit must be appointed.  Do so by taking turns rolling the dice.  The first player to roll a total value of 7 becomes the new Biscuit.


Since this is a social drinking game, everybody wins!  Of course, if players choose, they may create a rule that allows for a winner to be determined. 

Another fun drinking game that uses dice is Liar’s Dice!

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