OBJECTIVE OF BLINK:  Be the first player to play all of their cards


MATERIALS: 60 cards

TYPE OF GAME: Hand shedding

AUDIENCE: Kids, Adults


Blink is a speedy hand shedding game for two players published by Mattel in 2019.  In this game, players will be working simultaneously to get rid of all of their cards by matching the top card of the discard piles.  If you are a fan of the classic card games Speed or James Bond, you just might want to give this one a try.


 Blink is played with a 60 card deck.  The deck consists of six different suits with ten cards in each suit.


Shuffle the deck and divide the deck evenly by dealing one card to each player face down.  These cards make up the players’ individual draw piles.  

Each player should take the top card from their draw pile and place it face down in the center.  Both players should be able to access the two discard piles.  Neither player should look at these cards prior to the start of the game.

Now each player should draw three cards from their own draw pile.  This is their starting hand.


At the same time, players flip over the card they placed face down in the center of the table.  The game begins immediately.

This game is a race, so players are not taking turns.  As fast as they can, players play cards from their hands to either discard pile.  The card must match the card on which it is played by color, shape, or count.  Cards must be played one at a time.

As cards are played, players may refill their hand up to three cards from their own draw pile.  A player can never hold more than three cards at a time.  Once a player’s draw pile has been emptied, they must play the cards from their hand.

Play continues until one of the players has shed all the cards from their draw pile and their hand.

If gameplay is stopped because neither player is able to play a card from their hand, they must reset the discard piles.  This is done by both players simultaneously flipping the top card from their draw pile over onto the closet discard pile.  If there is only one draw pile left, or no draw piles left, each player will choose a card from their hand and play it to the closest draw pile at the same time.  Play then continues.


The first player to play all of the cards from their discard pile and their hand wins the game.

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