OBJECTIVE OF BLOOM TOWM: The objective of Bloom Town is to be the player with the most Bloom Points when the game comes to an end.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 70 Bloom Point Tokens, 10 Community Tiles, 65 Building Tiles, 1 First Player Marker, 4 Bonus Tokens, 4 Town Boards, 1 Game Board, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Tile Placement Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up 


Bloom Town has made it through the winter, and spring is upon them! It is time to aid in the revitalization of the neighborhood and really make it Bloom! Players act as architects, constructing various buildings and attractions. The goal is to become the mayor of Bloom Town, and this title can only be won by the most creative individual in the group! 


To begin the game, a certain number of Building tiles have to be removed from the game, depending on the number of players. For two, remove six tiles of each Building type, and for three, remove two of each. The players should ensure that the same shop is not getting removed twice. Each player will then collect a town board, a bonus token, and two random Building tiles, given to them face down.  

The Community tiles are shuffled in with the rest of the Building tiles, ensuring that players do not see them. The Town Square is placed in the center of the playing area, and the Bloom Points are placed close by. Depending on the number of players, stacks of tiles are placed on the board in the numbered blue squares. For two players, make five stacks of eight tiles, for three make five stacks of eleven tiles, and for four make five stacks of thirteen tiles.  

The top card of each stack is then revealed and placed in the Market. A player is randomly chosen to be the starting player, collecting the starting player token. The game is ready to begin. 


The player with the starter player marker will begin the game, and gameplay will continue clockwise around the group until it comes to an end. Players must build, score Bloom Points, and collect a new building tile during their turn. 

When building, a player must place one Building tile into any empty space in the town. As soon as they finish placing the Building tile, they will score the build. The number of points scored is equal to the number of Bloom Points earned by the player. The last tile is the only tile that is scored. After scoring is complete, the player will collect one Building tile from the space in the market that matches the flower that they just covered up with their build.  

When a Community tile is drawn from the market, it is to be placed in the Community area, and its space should be refilled in the market. Anytime a player places a tile on a blooming square found in their town, they can activate a bonus action. The player may choose to score double or take another turn immediately after they complete their first. Players are not allowed to take bonus actions during their turn they earned with the bonus action.  

The game continues in this manner until it comes to an end.  


The game ends when a certain number of stacks are emptied. The players will continue the current round, but when it is over, scoring occurs. In a two-player game, the game comes to an end when three of the stacks are emptied, but in a three or four-player game, the game comes to an end when two of the stacks are emptied. 

The players will choose one of their two building tiles to score, and they will discard the other one. All cards are scored, and points are tallied. The player with the most Bloom Points, wins the game!  

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