OBJECTIVE OF BUFFALO: Drink with your non-dominant hand.


TYPE OF GAME: Drinking



Buffalo is a social drinking game, but more than that, Buffalo is a lifestyle. Essentially, the game is a lifetime commitment to drinking solely with your non-dominant hand. Traditionally, this means the left hand. If a player is caught drinking with their dominant hand they must chug their drink. While this is typically socially enforced, a true Buffalo member will enforce the rule upon themselves in every circumstance, whether that be drinking alone or socially despite not officially playing.

This game is particularly great to play during pub crawls. Note, it is acceptable to hold a drink in your dominant hand whilst double-fisting.


Below are the official rules to Buffalo as established by the American Buffalo Club Association, a national association devoted solely to upholding the purity of the game.

  1. Buffalo Club is a lifetime commitment. Only people who honor the club rules will be accepted into the club.
  2. Players must drink only with their non-dominant hand.
  3. If a player violates this rule, another club member may call them out by declaring “Buffalo!” The player who violated the rules must chug what is left of their drink with the proper hand.
  4. Only members may accuse other members of violations.
  5. Only members of the Buffalo Club may induct other people into the club. Alcohol must be present and consumed in order to validly admit the new member to the Buffalo Club.
  6. Buffalo Club Chapters can only be formed by current members of the club.


The Buffalo Club is a lifelong drinking club that, at its core, is about honor and integrity. It is about being honest with oneself beyond just drinking.

The club is a worldwide phenomenon, not exclusive to the United States. One can join various associations to connect with other members of the Buffalo Club.

However, this is more than a club- it is an underground society of self-disciplined alcohol enthusiasts. It is supposed the origin of the club dates back to the Wild West and gun slinging when one’s dominant hand was their shooting hand. Keeping one’s dominant hand open was at times a matter of life and death, hence the lifelong commitment to the game.

To learn more about the mysterious world of Buffalo, check out the American Buffalo Club’s official website.

Nakoa Davis

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