OBJECTIVE OF CAN BOWLING: Knock down as many empty beer cans as possible in one turn

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3-10 players

CONTENTS: At least 10 empty beer cans, a medium-sized ball

TYPE OF GAME: Beer Olympics

AUDIENCE: Ages 21+


The adult version of a family favorite game. Can Bowling combines drinking beer with knocking down pins, and you can do it all from your backyard!


You will need at least ten empty beer cans for the setup and a medium-sized ball such as a volleyball or basketball. Every participating player will also need a drink of some sort.


Set up the ten empty beer cans in a triangle about 20 feet from the ball. The setup should be four cans in the back, then three cans, two cans, and one can. It would also be a good idea to set up a line from which players should bowl behind.


Each player gets one turn to knock down as many cans as possible. If a player knocks down all ten pins, they get to go again. It is up to you to determine how many rounds to play the game. 

After each round, the player must drink for one second for every can that is still standing. But, if the player knocks down all ten cans, every other player must drink for 10 seconds.


At the end of each round, record how many cans each player knocked down. You get one point for every can you knock down. At the end of the decided number of rounds, the winner is the player who has the highest score.

Nakoa Davis