OBJECTIVE OF CARDGO: Be the first player to have all their cards called 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or more players

NUMBER OF CARDS: Two 52 card decks 

TYPE OF GAME: Party game

AUDIENCE: Kids, Families


Cardgo is a simple bingo game that uses playing cards rather than cards and chips.  Each player is trying to be the first to have all of their cards called.  When this occurs, the winner cries Cardgo, and they win the round.


For a game consisting of 10 players or fewer, Cardgo uses two standard 52 card French decks.  One for the caller, and one for the players.  For 11 – 20 players, add a second deck.  

The caller is responsible for calling out cards.  Shuffle the players’ cards throughly and deal five cards to each player.  Any remaining cards are set aside until the next round.

The caller should then shuffle their deck.  The game is ready to begin.


Each player holds all five cards in their hands.  The caller draws one card at a time from the deck and says that cards rank and suit out loud.  For example, if the caller draws a King of Hearts, they say, King of Hearts.  Any player with a King of Hearts in their hand places it face down on the table.  

It is imperative that players pay attention to the caller because no repeats are allowed.  Once the card has been called, it is also placed face down on the table never to be repeated.

Once a player places their final card onto the table, they should yell Cardgo!  Once their cards are verified as correct, the round is over.

When playing with 11 or more people, it is possible for someone to have two of the same card.  That is just the luck of the draw.  If that card is called, they may place both of them on the table as a bonus.


The player that gets all of their cards called wins the round.

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