OBJECTIVE OF CASTELLION: The objective of Castellion is to pass all three exams and protect the castle from the invasions. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 2 Players 

MATERIALS: 72 Defender Tiles, 24 Ordeal Cards, 12 Traitor Tiles, 2 Player Aids, 1 Champion of the Oniverse Card, 1 Menace Pawn, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Cooperative Tile Placement Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


The castle found in the middle of the Oniverse is now under attack. The players, or denizens, must build up their castle defense in order to protect against three monster attacks. Everyone has special powers, but there are traitors found within the walls of the castle. Will the players be able to stand against the battle that is yet to come? 


To begin setup, place the 1st Exam card and 2nd Exam card on the table, faceup between the two players. Shuffle all of the 3rd Exam cards and randomly draw one. Place it beside the 1st and 2nd Exam cards, returning the other two 3rd Exam cards to the game box. Shuffle the blue Dream tiles and brown Dream tiles separately, leaving them in two different stacks. The game is then ready to begin. 


Before each turn, the players have to draw a Dream tile, choosing to draw from either the regular pile or the safe pile. There are two different types of tiles that can be drawn, and each one has its own actions that can be completed, depending on what it is. If it is a defender tile, then the player may choose to place it or discard it. If it is a traitor tile, the player has to place it.  

In order to add a defender tile and increase the castle’s defenses, four rules must be followed. Each tile has to be placed adjacent to another tile, they must be placed above another tile, it cannot be adjacent to a matching card, and the castle cannot be greater than a six by six. There are some formations that increase the defense of the bastle even more, including the bastion, the line of defense, and the tower.  

If the player chooses to discard the tile, then it is simply discarded. When a player must place a traitor card, it is placed to the left of the lowest ordeal card. Once there are five traitor tiles beside the ordeal card, Exam 1 takes place. The players must have the foundation and the certain formations in order to pass the test. If they fail, the game comes to an end, and they lose. If they pass, they may continue on. 

Exam 2 is completed when there are two Traitor cards found next to it. The third exam takes place when there are five Traitor cards next to it. The players must be able to pass all three exams, or else the game is lost.  


The game comes to an end one of two ways. If the players are unable to pass an exam, then the game comes to an end, and they lose the game. If the players pass all three exams, then they win the game. 

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