OBJECTIVE OF CHICKEN: The objective of Chicken is to push the top player off of the other bottom player’s shoulders.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 or More Players 

MATERIALS: No extra materials are needed to play this game.  

TYPE OF GAME: Pool Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 5 and Up 


Chicken is a fun, long-standing game that has been played in pools for years! It is fun, energetic game that will have players laughing and fighting for the win. Players will sit on other’s shoulders and attempt to push the other team into the water. There are few rules and only one goal, defeat any team that stands in front of you! 


To setup the game, the players will sit on each other’s shoulders. There should be two players on each team, with one on the other’s shoulders. The teams will stand across from one another. The game is ready to begin.  


During the game, players will “chicken fight” with one another. The bottom players will attempt to stay standing while the top players fight with one another to dismount the other players. When the top person is knocked down, or the team is no longer connected, the round comes to an end!  

There may be numerous rounds if there are numerous pairs. The winning team will face the other teams until there are no teams remaining to face.  


The game comes to an end when there is only one team standing. This team is the winner.  

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