OBJECTIVE OF CHRISTMAS VACATION TWINKLING LIGHTS: Be the first player to match all of your pattern tiles to win the game 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players 

CONTENTS:  35 light tiles. 14 pattern cards 

TYPE OF GAME: Tile Placement Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8+ 


Christmas Vacation Twinkling Lights is a tile laying pattern building game from Funko Games.  In this, players are working to place and arrange tiles in the layout to match the patterns on their pattern cards.  Players will be able to draw and place tiles, play special tiles to change the layout, and dish out broken wire tiles to take a turn away from an opponent. 


There are 14 pattern cards.  Ten of them have red backs and contain a 3 light pattern.  Four of them have green backs and contain a 4 light pattern.   

There are also 35 light tiles.  Each of these tiles has an assortment of wires and bulbs.  Each player will be laying and arranging tiles, so they can complete the patterns on their pattern cards. 


Shuffle the light tile cards and them in a face down pile on the table.  Turn over the top two light tiles and place them face up next to each other on the table for all to see.  

Shuffle the red pattern cards and deal each player two.  Do the same with the green pattern card and give each player one.  These cards should be kept secret from opponents.  Any remaining cards are put off to the side. 


The youngest player gets to go first.  Each player will perform three actions on their turn: draw, place, and score. 


To begin their turn, the player takes the top light tile off of the pile and adds it to the tile layout.  It can be placed adjacently next to any other tile.  The player may orient the tile in any direction as long as the tiles’ sides touch adjacently. 


A player ends their turn by scoring their pattern cards if they can.  They can score any number of cards.  To do this, they must match the pattern on the card with the same pattern within the tile layout. 

If a player scores a pattern card, it is placed face up in front of them on the table.  Scoring only occurs after a player has drawn and placed a tile. 


+Tiles are able to be placed on top of or adjacent to any tile in whatever orientation that the player wants.  


When a player draws a broken wire tile, they may play the tile or give it to an opponent.  If the player chooses to play the tile, they can place it adjacently to any tile.  If they choose to give it to an opponent, that player must play the tile on their next turn.  That player does not get to draw a tile on their turn.  The broken wire tile can not be given to a player who already has one. If all of the players already have a broken wire tile, the one that is drawn must be played. 

If the player gives the tile away, they immediately draw and play another.   


The first player to score all of their pattern cards wins.  The light tile pile runs empty, the player with the most scored pattern cards is the winner.  IF there is a tie, the player with a scored 4 pattern card wins. 

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