OBJECTIVE OF CONNECT 4 CARD GAME: The first player to complete four missions wins

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players

MATERIALS: 55 Connect 4 Tile Cards, 24 Mission Cards 

TYPE OF GAME: Tile game

AUDIENCE: Kids, Adults


The Connect 4 Card Game was published by Hasbro in 2018.  It reimagines the classic four in a row game as a game that uses tiles.  Players are dealt secret missions to complete, special action cards allow for strategic gameplay, and the instructions offer multiple ways to play.  


 There are three different mission types: Get four same colored tokens in the shape of a square, get four same colored tokens in an L shape, and build a row of four same colored tokens horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

There are a variety of tiles that contain tokens of different colors.  

Some tiles have power-ups on them as well.  Playing a card with a power-up allows the player to take an extra action.  Powers include: Rotating any tile as long as it’s not surrounded (circular arrow), placing a tile on top of another (plus sign), removing a tile from play (minus sign), and a wild that can be any color you need (multi-colored token).  Grey tokens are simply blank and do not count as a color or power-up.


Shuffle the deck of Mission Cards and deal two to each player.  These cards are dealt face down and kept secret.  The rest of the Mission Cards are placed face down as a draw pile.

Shuffle the Connect 4 tile cards and place them face down as a draw pile.  Flip over the top tile from the deck and put it in the center of the table.  This is the starting tile for the game.



Starting with the youngest player at the table, draw a card from the Connect 4 tile pile.  Place that tile next to any tile already in play.  Tiles must be placed adjacently to each other with at least one edge touching.  

If the tile played has a power-up on it, perform the action after laying the tile.  The power-up is optional.  If the player does not want to perform the action, they do not have to.  


Once a player completes one of their missions, they flip that mission card over for the table to see.  Then, draw a new mission from the draw pile.  

Play continues left until the end of the game.


The first player to complete four missions is the winner.

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