OBJECTIVE OF CONSTITUTION:  Get all of the cards onto the eight foundations according to suit


NUMBER OF CARDS: 88 cards 

RANK OF CARDS: (low) Ace – Jack (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire



Constitution is a double deck Solitaire game that uses two stripped down decks.  Before beginning the game, remove all of the Kings and Queens and set them aside.  They will not be used.  

Separate all eight Aces from the deck and place them out in a row.  These are the eight foundations for the game.  Shuffle the rest of the cards and deal out a tableau of four rows with eight cards in each row.  The rest of the cards make the draw pile.


The objective is to build all eight foundations up to the Jacks according to suit.

Only cards in the top row of the tableau may be moved to the foundation piles.  The cards in the top row may be built in descending order alternating by color.  Only cards from the top row and the second row may be moved and placed on the top row piles.  

Once a space is created in a row, it must be filled immediately with any card from the row directly below it.  As this process happens, spaces will occur lower and lower in the tableau until it reaches the bottom row.  A space in the bottom row is filled with a card from the draw pile.

Cards from the draw pile come into play only by being placed in a space on the bottom row.  Stock cards cannot be played directly to a foundation pile.  If the game reaches a point that no more spaces can be made, the game is lost!


The game is won when all of the cards have been moved to their proper foundations.

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