OBJECTIVE OF CUZCO: The objective of Cuzco is to be the player with the most Prestige Points when the game comes to an end. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Game Board, 4 Player Aids, 30 Festival Cards, 47 Temple Floors, 12 Added Action Tokens, 15 Solar Discs, 19 Irrigation Ponds, 8 City Terrains, 12 Crop Terrains, 20 Double Terrains, 56 Triple Terrains, 4 Prestige Markers, 48 Inca Meeples, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Area Control Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up 


Players take the role of leaders of nomad tribes that have decided to settle. You have decided to make Moray your home for good. In order to do so, you must irrigate the soil, plant crops, build villages, and grow your colony. Take advantage of others, as they will not be the ones to feed your families.  


To begin setup, place the board in the middle of the playing area. Each player will choose a color to represent them throughout the game, collecting twelve Inca meeples, three action tokens, five double terrains, two city terrains, three crop terrains, three festival cards, and a player aid. Each player should place their Prestige marker on the 0 space of the Score Track.  

The other terrains and discs are placed in their own piles beside the board, creating supplies. One irrigation pond is placed on each of the three ponds found on the board. The festival cards are shuffled and placed beside the board, face down, with only the top card being revealed to form the discard pile.  

The game is ready to begin. 


The first player is randomly chosen by the group, and gameplay continues in a clockwise order around the group. Players have to place at least one terrain during their turn. Actions cost a certain number of points, as defined on the action card. Players may place a terrain, bring an Inca into the site through the mountains or forest, build a temple, build an irrigation pond, or organize a festival.  

Players are allowed to complete as many actions as they wish during their turn, as long as they have enough action points to finish them. The turn must always begin with placing a terrain though, and festivals can only be organized at the end of a turn.  

Some actions immediately earn the player prestige points, advancing the prestige marker along the track. The game will continue, with players taking turns and completing actions until the final triple terrain is placed. At this point, scoring takes place and a winner is determined.  


When a player places the final triple Terrain, they will complete their turn, and then final scoring begins. Each player will finish their last turn. The players will tally their Prestige points, and the player with the highest number, wins the game! 

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