OBJECTIVE OF DEMON: To build up four foundations according to suit



RANK OF CARDS: There is no high or low in this game

TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire



Demon is a challenging solitaire game that begins with a very small tableau.  Players must carefully play cards onto the columns in such a way they they can then be transferred to the foundations.  The starting card for the foundations is determined at random.  Because of this, neither Kings nor Aces are high.  The foundation piles simply continue from the first card to the last.  


Demon is played with a standard 52 card French deck.  To begin the game, shuffle the cards thoroughly.

Deal 13 cards face down to form a pile.  This pile is called the heel, and it is a special draw pile used to fill gaps in the tableau and to be played directly to the foundations.  

Next, deal one card face up to determine the starting foundation card.  The card that is flipped face up denotes the starting card for the foundations while it also becomes the first foundation pile.  For example, if the foundation pile starts with a 7 of hearts, the foundation will be built up as so: 7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A-2-3-4-5-6 all in the hearts suit.

Finally, deal a row of four cards face up to begin your tableau piles.  The rest of the cards become the draw pile.  

Now that the tableau is established, you are ready to begin.


The object of Demon is to get all 52 cards into their appropriate foundation piles. 

Players begin analyzing their cards to see if they are able to move any.  They may also begin drawing cards from their draw pile.  This is done in threes.  Three cards are flipped face up to become the waste pile, and the top card from the waste pile may be moved to the tableau or the foundations.  Once the end of the draw pile is reached, it may be flipped back over and cycled through again.  The draw pile may be used as many times as needed until the game is won or there is no way to win.

Cards that are built onto the tableau stacks are to placed in descending order alternating by colors.  For example, if the topmost open card is a 6 of spades, the next card placed on top of it must be the 5 of hearts or diamonds.

An entire column may be moved if it is in the correct order. 

If at any time a whole column is removed and a gap appears in the tableau, the face up card from the heel is used to fill it.  The next card in the heel is then flipped face up.  The heel card can also be played directly onto its foundation.  Once the heel is depleted, you may fill any gaps as you see fit whenever you like.

Once a card is able to be placed on the foundation, it must be moved there immediately.  A card that has been placed onto the foundation pile cannot be removed.


Win the game by building all four foundation piles in ascending order according to suit.

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