OBJECT OF DON’T BE A DIK DIK: The object of Don’t Be a Dik Dik is to not be the player holding the Dik Dik card at the end of the game. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 6 players 

MATERIALS: 49 Animal Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



The goal of Don’t Be a Dik Dik is to not be the one holding the Dik Dik at the end of the game. This adult card game will have you rolling at the names of animals and asking other players if they might have a Sticky Willy.

Nobody will ever tell you if they have a Dik Dik! Watch that he doesn’t end up in your hand!


Setup is fast and simple. Shuffle all the cards and deal them all to the players. No cards should be remaining. The game is ready to begin!


All players will hide their hands throughout the course of the game. Before gameplay begins, each player will sort through their hand. If they have a pair of cards, they will announce it and throw them in the middle. 

During your turn, simply ask another player if they have a card that would allow you to create a pair. You may ask any player, and if they have the card, they must give it over. You may ask as many players as you want, until someone does not have the card you ask for. At this point, your turn is over.

At the end of a turn, the player must pass a card to the player on their left. Any card may be passed, including the Dik Dik card!

When two players are the only ones with remaining cards, it is time for Dik Dik roulette. The player with one card must take one card from the player with two cards. If the choosing player makes a pair, they win! If they draw the Dik Dik card, then they must announce “I am a DikDik” and is declared the loser.


The game comes to an end when there are no more cards available. After Dik Dik roulette, the winner is determined. The player with the Dik Dik card in their hand is the loser.

Nakoa Davis