OBJECTIVE OF EVERDELL: The objective of Everdell is to be the player with highest number of accumulated points when the game comes to an end. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Evertree, 24 Workers, 20 Pebbles, 25 Resim, 30 Twigs, 30 Berries, 1 Victory Card, 16 Special Event Cards, 11 Forest Cards, 128 Critter and Construction Cards, 1 8-Sided Die, 20 Occupied Tokens, Point Tokens, 4 Basic Event Tiles, 1 Gameboard, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Set Collection Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up 


In the valley of Everdell, deep in the forest, beneath the trees, and beside the streams, there is a civilization of critters that is constantly flourishing and expanding. With the expansion, new territories need to be explored, and new cities need to be established. Everyone will act as the leader over a group of critters with this goal in mind. Will your cities be able to grow during the warm summers, and withstand the winters to come? 


To begin setup, place the game board in the center of the playing area, placing the Ever Tree on the very top of the board. Along the bank of the river, place the berries, pebbles, resin, and twigs in various piles. Then, place the tokens beside the board, in two different piles, depending on type.  

Shuffle the cards, placing them on the forest clearings where assigned. Three cards should be used if there are two players, and four cards should be used if there are three or four players. Any cards that are left over can be returned to the box. Four of the basic event tiles are placed beside the river, and four of the special events are placed onto the lower branches of the tree. Any remaining cards are returned to the box again.  

Every player will choose a color to represent them throughout the course of the game, and they will collect two workers that match that color. The beginning player will draw five cards, the next will draw six cards, the third will draw seven, and the fourth will draw eight cards. Every player will then place their four workers onto the top branches of the tree. There should be one worker on spring, one worker on summer, and two workers on autumn.  

The first player is the humblest player. The game is then ready to begin!  


During the game, the players will take turns. During their turn, the player will wither place a worker, play a card, or prepare a season. The players may choose to complete any of the actions, but only one can be completed each turn. After they have completed their action, the next player in clockwise order will complete their action. 

If the player decides to place a worker, then they will place them in various locations throughout Everdell. This is how players will collect resources, draw additional cards, hold events, or go on a journey. There are shared spaces around the board and exclusive spaces around the board. Only one worker may sit on an exclusive location, but multiple workers can be placed on a shared location. 

Players may also choose to play a card. In order to do so, the player must pay the requirements into the supply. These cards that are played may either come from the player’s hand or from the Meadow deck. The players will play these cards directly in front of them in order to build their city. Of the cards, there are two types, Constructions and Cities, and both are needed in order to make a thriving city.  

In game time, the game is played from one winter to another. Autumn is the final prepare for season action that the players are able to perform before the game comes to an end. It may only be performed once the player has all of their workers placed. Players bring back all of their deployed workers during this time, and they may also gain workers depending on the season. The game comes to an end when the winter is over.  


When there are no more actions that can be performed, or the player does not want to perform other actions. When a player passes, they are not able to receive any more cards or resources. The remaining players may continue to play until everyone has decided to pass.  

Once everyone is finished, the players will tally their points. They will begin by tallying the base value of all of their cards, then adding up the point tokens, card bonuses, events, and any remaining points. The player with the most points, wins the game! 

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