OBJECTIVE OF FANTASY RANCH: The objective of Fantasy Ranch is to have the highest number of trophies when the game comes to an end.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 12 Player Mats, 1 Game Board, 6 Ranch Tiles, 12 Dice, 57 Wooden Horse Figurines, 57 Horse Cards, 35 Twist of Fate Cards, 16 Show Cards, 60 Goods Tokens, 29 Location Tokens, 6 Employee Tokens, 30 Ownership Tokens, 24 Upgrade Tokens, and 2 Sets of Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Area Control Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up 


In Fantasy Ranch, the players are able to own and manage their own ranch with a stable filled with horses off all different types. Real life ranching is brought to the tabletop in this western themed board game. The players must be careful with their management or else they might get in over their heads and lose everything that they have worked so hard to earn. Hire employees to help you manage, travel around the land, and purchase new horses as your facility grows!  


To begin setup, orient the gameboard in the center of the playing area. Shuffle all of the Twist of Fate deck and place them on the assigned space on their board. Place the Horse Figures and Goods tokens next to the board in their own piles. Once the Horse Cards are shuffled, four of them will be dealt to each of the players, with one card being dealt to them at a time.  

Eight random horse cards are placed in the assigned spaces on the board. Each player will collect one guest ranch mat, four food, four tack, three dice that match in color, and one ranch tile. One location token is placed on each of the player’s ranch tiles. One horse figure for each of the horse cards that the players hold is placed on their Ranch tiles.  

The first player will receive the first player token, and then the game is ready to begin. 


The game is played over the course of numerous rounds. During each round, the players will take one turn, and after everyone has taken their turn, then all of the players will enter two shows. Once the shows have been complete, the round is complete, and a new round begins in the same manner.  

During their turn, the players will draw one of the Twist of Fate cards, placing it in front of them. Players are able to immediately win the reward as long as they meet the requirements, but if they do not, then they must try and use it at a later time. The players may take only one action during their turn. The actions include buying a horse, collecting six goods from the bank, or purchasing a location on their Ranch tile. There are a number of free turns that the players may also choose to complete an unlimited number of, including selling horses, moving horses, trading supplies, and completing the Twist of Fate cards. 

Once the player has completed all of their chosen actions, their turn comes to an end. Once every player has completed, the shows begin. During the shows, each player will enter one of their horses with a matching show symbol, roll the dice, and win according to their roll. The highest roll wins, and the reward is found at the bottom of the card. The more trophies a player has, the better off they are.  

The game is played in this manner until the Finals are complete. During the finals, the players are only permitted to enter their World Class horses. Three shows are completed, one right after the other. Each player will receive a horse as a prize. Then the players will end the game. 


The game comes to an end when the finals come to an end. The players will tally their trophies to determine the winner. The player with the most trophies wins the game. 

It is time to kick off your boots, pull up a chair, and dive into your dream of owning the largest ranch around. Build the perfect ranch, your Fantasy Ranch. 

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