Fog of love
Fog of Love

OBJECTIVE OF FOG OF LOVE: The objective of Fog of Love is to play through a scene with your partner and end the game happy in your relationship.


MATERIALS: A rule book, a game board, 2 two-sided character cards, 2 card holders, 2 rule summary cards, 2 boxes for tokens, a box insert, 18 divides for cards, 4 Stories (17 chapter cards and 4 synopsis cards), 110 scene cards, 60 feature cards, 38 trait cards, 36 occupation cards, 30 tutorial cards, 14 destiny cards (7 pink cards and 7 blue cards), 8 choice markers (4 pink and 4 blue), 70 personality markers, and 10 personality markers marked with a 5.  

TYPE OF GAME: Romantic Role-Playing Board Game



Fog of Love is a game about the odds and ends of a relationship. In the game, you will make and introduce your characters and then play out scenes with your partner. These scenes will affect your happiness in your relationship and will put you on the right track to accomplish your end goal. 

In Fog of Love, your goal is to be happy in your relationship whether it continues or not. It is possible for you to be happy and your partner to not be and vise versa. The game is not about ending up together though and your relationship might end but that does not mean either of you lose.


Fog of Love has a terrific tutorial in the rules booklet and if you have never played this game or a game like it before I highly recommend running through that. This will run you through the setup and a complete introductory game explaining the rule as you go along. 

If you would rather not follow the tutorial, here are the setup instructions. First, you will set up the game board between both players and each player will pick their color either blue or pink. Each player will receive a cardholder and choice markers and small tokens of their color. You will then decide what story you will play through and follow any special instructions on the synopsis card. It will then be placed on its intended spot on the board. If applicable place special events in their spot under the synopsis. Chapter and finale cards will go in their respective spots. 

Next, all scene decks will be properly separated shuffled and placed on the board. The same goes for the trait, occupation and feature decks. The appropriate destinies will be given to each player and finally, the last player to blow a kiss will begin the game.


The first instance of gameplay is to create your characters. This will include picking your gender picking traits, an occupation, and features for your partner. Your traits will be placed in your cardholder and kept secret from your partner these are goals to be met. Finally, give your character a name.  

The gameplay of Fog of love is pretty straight forward but there are four actions you can/will run through on each turn. They are: 1) you may discard any number of minor scenes to draw a new scene. 2) You will play a scene from your hand (this is the main action of the game). 3) draw up to 5 scenes in hand. And finally, 4) check for the end of a chapter. 

The rest of the game falls into place with this. You are trying to complete scenes to make yourself and your partner happy while also placing tokens in the correct attribute spots to complete your traits and also your end destiny. Scenes are played and once a certain number is met for the chapter, the chapter is over and a new one begins. Once you have reached the finale you are at the end of the game and must complete your final destiny.


The game ends once the players reach the finale. This is when the players will play their destiny and determine if they have ended the game happy or not. If you are happy and have completed your destiny you have won. 

Nakoa Davis