OBJECTIVE OF FORGOTTEN WATERS: The objective of Forgotten Waters is to complete as many adventures as possible, earning more stars as they complete more adventures.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 7 Players  

MATERIALS: 8 Standee Stands, 1 Ship Standee, 7 Pirate Standees, 11 Markers, 132 Tokens, 209 Cards, 1 Pad of Player Sheets, 1 Pad of Ship Scribe Sheets, 1 Lookout Board, 1 Quartermaster Board, 1 Gunner Board, 1 Cooper Board, 1 First Mate Board, 1 Boatswain Board, 1 Map Board, 1 Location Book, 7 12-Sided Dice, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Dice Rolling Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up 


Forgotten Waters is set in a world of fantastical pirate adventure. The players will take on the role of brave buccaneers as they travel across the great sea to further their own stories as much as possible! There is a common goal found in the game, so players must work individually and cooperatively in order to win the game. Players are encouraged to explore, travel, and interact with each other along with the world around them in order to enjoy the game. 

forgotten waters game rules


To begin the game, the players should download the Forgotten Waters app, found here. Once downloaded, they may open the app and select which scenario they are wanting to play. If there are four players, then the Hungry Pirates card should be included in the play, and if there are three players, then the Masked Pirate should be included in the gameplay. The location book should then be placed in the center of the playing area, ensuring that everyone is able to reach it.  

The treasure cards are then shuffled and placed on the side of the board, forming the treasure deck. The navigation tokens are placed in a pile, facing down, as well. All of the remaining game pieces are then placed in their assigned space on the board. Each player will obtain a player sheet and a pencil, ensuring that each player has a different title on their player sheet. Each person will then fill in the blanks on their sheet individually.  

Then each player is then assigned a role that they will play throughout the course of the game. Each role has different jobs that they must complete throughout the course of the game. The scenario setup will then need to be completed, and step-by-step instructions will be provided through the application. Click continue at the bottom of the instructions page on the application, and the game is ready to begin. 

how to play forgotten waters


The game is played over the course of numerous rounds, with each round taking place on a page found in the location book. In each round there are three phases that must be played in a specific order. The first phase is the planning phase, the second is the action phase, and the third is the end-of-round phase.  

During the planning phase, the players will choose the actions that they want to complete for the round. The players must choose these actions in the allotted amount of time that they are given. If the timer runs out before the players choose their action, then the discontentment on the ship raises by one space.  

During the action phase, the players will complete and resolve the actions that they chose during the first phase of the game. The players that chose the first action will complete it before the players that chose the second action, and all of the players must complete the first action before the second action can be attempted. In order to completely resolve an action, the players must follow all of the instructions that are found below that action.  

Finally, to end a round, the players will complete the end-of-round phase. Once it has been completed, the end-of-game requirements are checked, and the game will either end or continue to the next round of gameplay. It is played in this manner until it comes to an end!  


The game may come to an end in four different ways. If the ship’s hull eventually reaches zero, then all of the players drown, and everyone loses. If the discontentment on the boat is ever higher than the crew, then mutiny occurs, and all of the players lose. When the last threat is reached, then each player will lose the game as they are destroyed.  

Finally, in order to win the game, the players must reach their scenario goal. In this case, each player that has completed four constellation events wins the game, but if a player has completed five constellation events, then they win a superior victory. Once the game has come to an end, the players will read the chart on their player sheet to complete any necessary actions that their role requires. 

In Polynesia, the mountains are tremoring, and the time to escape is near. You must lead your tribe to safety across the dreadful sea, or else all may be lost. 

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