GARCTIC PHONE rules title

OBJECTIVE OF GARTIC PHONE: Try to keep the original phrase while switching between drawing and writing.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4+ players, but the more, the better!

MATERIALS: Phone per player

TYPE OF GAME: FaceTime game




If you want to play a game that is sure to get a big group belly laughing, try the online game Gartic Phone. This game is the online version of Paper Telephone. But if you don’t have any paper on hand or if you’re playing a game virtually, Online Telephone Game is the way to go!



To start the game, make sure every player has a smartphone with internet access. One player must then go to the Gartic Phone website and create a game. For all the other players to join, the first player must send the appropriate link to everyone. After making a quick profile, the game is ready to begin!

The first player starts the game when everyone is ready. There are several rounds to this game. The first round consists of writing a phrase. There is really no limit to what phrase one can write. It can be simple or as crazy and imaginative as you want! Examples of phrases include:

  • Drinking two liters of water
  • Cooking a guinea pig
  • Proposing to someone with a dragon instead of a ring
  • A clock with worms for hands
  • Planting a tomato in the garden when it’s raining
  • An octopus teaches a class

If you’re still stuck on what to write, the game will also write a random phrase for you. But be quick! As you need to write a phrase before the time is up!

The second round of Gartic Phone consists of everyone receiving a phrase from a random player in the group. They must draw a representation of the phrase. The third round consists of everyone receiving a drawing from a random player in the group. They must then write a phrase that represents the drawing. And so on. The game will keep switching between writing and drawing until all players have contributed in drawing or writing to every original phrase. All rounds are timed, so make sure you write/draw before the time is up! Or else someone might end up with unfinished work that they’ll have to somehow interpret.

Keep in mind that everything is anonymous until the end of the game, so you will never know who wrote or drew anything. You’ll only get to know at the very end of the game!

Everything is anonymous until the end of the game, so you don’t know who wrote what and who drew which drawing. You’ll get to find out at the very end when the game ends! Get ready to laugh out loud as you witness just how warped the original phrase gets by the very end!


When all the rounds are over, the first player can start a recap. All players will get to see the original phrases of each of the players and will be able to witness how warped they get by the end! As the phrase goes through transformation after transformation with each phrase and drawing, the original phrases might be completely unrecognizable!