OBJECTIVE OF GEOCACHING: Use the Geocaching app to find hidden caches and log the found items.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1+ player(s)

MATERIALS: Smartphone with Geocaching downloaded, pen, hiking gear (optional)

TYPE OF GAME: Camping game



Geocaching is a new outdoor activity that has gained a lot of traction over the past few years since its inception as “geostashing” in 2000. This game can be played all over the world no matter where you are. Play this treasure hunt on your own or with friends and family!


To play this game, all you need is one smartphone with the Geocaching app downloaded. Make sure you have enough data connection to allow your GPS to function properly so that the app can lead you to the treasure you seek!


Tap on the Geocaching app on your smartphone to get started! When it loads, you’ll find various “caches” or stashes hidden in your area that you can trek to find. Once you pick a cache, the app will lead you to it, letting you know how close you are to the object.

When you are in its vicinity, give or take a couple of feet, check if there are any clues for this cache to help you find the object. The clue, if given, will be a couple of words to help you focus on where to look. For example, a clue for a certain geocache may be “post”, signifying that the cache is hidden by a post.

The cache should not be buried, so you won’t need to do any digging to find the treasure. However, the caches do vary in difficulty and you may find yourself ducking under branches and even climbing trees to find the cache.

In most cases, the cache will be a small container or bottle containing a mini logbook. Sometimes, the cache may even include a tiny trinket or geocoin. You may even find trinkets like a keychain.


Once you find the cache, simply open it up, take out the logbook, and write your name and the date you found the cache. Then pop everything back inside and put it back where you found it so that the next person to search for this cache can do the same. Finally, log your find onto the Geocaching app, and move on to the next cache!

Nakoa Davis